10 Best Custom Dental Night Guards Of 2024

The essential thing in human life is sleeping as it schedules the routine of the day. From children to grownups, it has the same importance.

It is thought that all people cannot sleep with great peace. Something like teeth clenching, teeth grinding and others create a problem to sleep for someone. To fight this, you should consider the best custom Dental night guard.

Listed below, we have offered you the 9 best custom dental night guards available in the marketplace. Also, you will get a comprehensive & thorough buying guide so that you can easily make the right decision. Keep reading.

10 Best Custom Dental Night Guards – Don’t Miss Them!

Best Overall: enCore Guards Custom Dental Night Guard

Best Overall: enCore Guards Custom Dental Night Guard
Key Features
  • Free refills
  • Budget-friendly
  • Comfortable and tight-fitting
  • Brand: Encore Lab
  • Size of the product: 9.76”x7.68”x2.44”
  • Weight of the product: Around 14.89 ounces
Quick services
Easy impressions
Free adjustment services
Wide range of options to get your ideal night guard
Some users have complained the guards being too snug

Are you suffering from teeth grinding and in urgent need of a good quality dental guard? Comfort is one of the top priorities you should have while purchasing a night guard.

Price is also an important factor to consider. But do not compromise with your comfort over the price.

Nightguards to prevent teeth grinding are a bit expensive.

Our top pick falls into one of the pricier categories. This guard comes with a customized fit. It is very comfortable and a better option than the quick solutions available around.

Encore lab is an amazing company that provides you with customized dental night guards. The guards are comfortable and customizable according to the shape of your mouth and your desires. These night guards are available in 4 options.

This lets you pick the perfect fit for your teeth. Your problem could be teeth clenching, grinding or you could have other problems. You can find your ideal match from these options.

Worried about the harmful materials? Encore has you covered! You can rest assured with these encore guards since they are free from any kind of BPA or Latex materials.

This lack of BPA and Latex materials safely makes encore Guards a much safer option for dental guards. Encore labs also guarantee you 100% satisfaction with their comfortable design. Overall, this is the best custom Dental night guard out there.

Best Value: J&S Dental Lab Custom Dental Night Guard for Lower Bite Guard

Best Value: J&S Dental Lab Custom Dental Night Guard for Lower Bite Guard
Key Features
  • Ideal fit
  • Discounts available upon repurchase
  • Dental professionals make customized sizes
  • Brand: J&S Dental Lab
  • Size of the product: 9.13”x7.56”x1.46“
  • Weight of the product: Around 3.52 ounces
Costs less
Professional fit
Customized by professionals within five minutes
Absolute control over materials and density of the dental guard
Feels snug at first however, loosens up over regular use

Are you bothered by your teeth grinding problems? Are you looking for solutions to combat these problems? Are you looking for custom-fit night guards?

J&S Dental Lab has come up with an ideal custom dental night guard to tend to your concerns! These guards are lower bite. Curious as to how the guards are customized according to your requirements?

Molds are used for customization. You have to pick or get a mold made by the company. Afterward, the guards would be made according to your teeth as well as your jaw.

Therefore, you can rest assured of a much better fit compared to a regular night guard. J&S Dental Lab designed this line of night guard specifically for people with teeth grinding problems. These guards help to combat tooth damage.

J&S Dental Lab is approved and highly recommended by dentists. This makes these dental night guards especially compared to other dental guards in the market. Since the guard is made according to a mold of your jaw and teeth, the guard will take time to arrive.

But we can assure you that this extra time will be worth your money. Since you will be getting a customized night guard, you can rest assured that it will provide you maximum comfort.

Best Pick: J&S Dental Lab Custom Dental Night Guard for Upper Bite Guard

Best Pick: J&S Dental Lab Custom Dental Night Guard for Upper Bite Guard
Key Features
  • Amazing product quality
  • Created to ensure a perfect fit
  • Highly recommended by dentists
  • Brand: J&S Dental Lab
  • Size of the product: 10”x7”x1.5”
  • Weight of the product: Around 4.16 ounces
Money return guarantee is 100%
High-quality material to ensure longevity
The mold can be stored for future concessions
There aren’t any

There are a vast number of mouth guards available throughout the market. It is very normal for you to get confused after seeing all the options. In these scenarios, we always recommend the J&S Dental Lab Upper night guard.

This is an ideal night guard to tackle your problems. There are many reasons why this is deemed the best custom dental night guard in the market.

Do you grind or clench your teeth very hard? J&S has you covered! Its top-notch durability and excellent longevity can withstand any pressure you throw on its way.

This makes the J&S Dental Lab upper custom dental night guard better than the other night guards in the market. This excellent longevity is tried and tested and highly recommended by users.

The J&S Dental Lab upper custom dental night guard is a bit expensive. Some even state that it is an investment. But you can rest assured that it is an investment that will be worth the money. But in the long run, it is far cheaper than a visit to the dentists.

You wouldn’t have to spend hours at a dentist’s office to get your customized teeth guard. You can purchase this online and have the same benefits at a much lower price.

The kit is not like the regular molding kits you see on the internet. It will be different from the others. After ordering, you will get a molding kit first. You have to use the molding kit so that you can measure out your teeth as well as jaw.

The company provides a detailed instruction manual. You can easily follow that and mold teeth and jaw. You need to return the kit to the lab. The lab will take the mold back. Afterward, they will make the guard according to your measurements.

It’s a lengthy process. The entire process takes up to two weeks and you can get the night guard afterward. Some people might be in a hurry to get their guard.

In those cases, it is recommended that they purchase a temporary night guard. Since the process is a bit lengthy and people might need a quick solution.

Best for High-Quality: Encore Guards Soft Custom Dental Night Guard for Lower/ Upper Bite Guard

Best for High-Quality: Encore Guards Soft Custom Dental Night Guard for Lower/ Upper Bite Guard
Key Features
  • Ergonomic design
  • Recommended by users
  • The high-quality night guard
  • Brand: enCore Guards
  • Size of the product: 12.5”x10.5”x0.5”
Satisfaction guarantee at 100%
The impression kit is very easy to use and sealed to ensure safety
The mouthguard takes a long time to ship

Do you suffer from teeth grinding? Is the intensity of your problem low to average? This is where we suggest you Encore Guards! They have soft night guards which are available for both the upper and lower jaw. Grinding is not the only problem it tackles.

It is amazing for teeth clenching problems. The Encore soft night guard is soft and cushiony. It provides maximum protection for your teeth and saves them from further damage.

Do you also suffer from muscle pain in your jaw? The teeth clenching can create severe muscle pain. This soft night guard tackles that. It doubles as cushion to prevent grinding and clenching.

The Encore Soft Night guard uses FDA-approved materials. So you can rest assured that you would not be putting any harmful material in your mouth.

The material used in this night guard is a soft, flexible, and rubber material. You can use this guard for approximately two years. But it depends on the severity of your grinding problems.

Encore labs sell the guards in a package. This package includes a kit and an instruction manual. This manual provides clear instructions regarding how to take an impression of your teeth.

You have to take precise instruction of your both jaws. This will ensure an ideal fit for the dental guard. Encore labs also come with an all-inclusive delivery system and handling system.

Best Ergonomic Design: Custom Durable Dental Night Guard by American DentalCraft

Best Ergonomic Design Custom Durable Dental Night Guard by American DentalCraft
Key Features
  • Budget-friendly
  • Ergonomic design
  • Comfortable wear
  • Weighs really less
  • Brand: American DentalCraft
  • Size of the product: 10.5”x6.25”x2.3”
  • Weight of the product: Around 9.59 ounces
Easy cleaning
The USA made
Available in five sizes
Convenient maintenance
It isn’t a universal product, so it might not work for everyone

Do you suffer from extreme teeth grinding and clenching? Are you looking for a dental guard that will withstand severe forces? Do you not want to compromise with quality while also maintaining a budget?

American DentalCraft is your go-to!

They have been around the market for a considerable amount of time. They are loved well by many users. They do not compromise with quality.

They are also very affordable. These custom dental night guards are well made. Doesn’t matter how to severe your teeth grinding problem is, this custom dental night guard is designed to withstand it all.

It is an ideal product to tackle your dental concerns. It can withstand any level of intense clenching and grind. How does it do that? American DentalCraft uses a high resistance hybrid material. It comes in a dual-layer. It features two kinds of materials.

The outside of the custom dental night guard is resistant to crack. It is a comfortable material. The inside of the guard is a durable and hard material. It withstands the forces well.

The dual material is what makes the custom dental night guard special from others in the market. It is designed to ensure your maximum comfort. The material resists all forms of rough usage. It is very snug to wear.

Best Lightweight: ClearClub Custom Dental Night Guard

Best Lightweight ClearClub Custom Dental Night Guard
Key Features
  • Easy fixing
  • Budget-friendly
  • Weighs really less
  • Brand: ClearClub
  • Size of the product: 10.28”x7.32”x1.3”
  • Weight of the product: Around 3.53 ounces
Comfortable usage
Can be adjusted easily
The shipping procedure is very slow

Are you in need of custom-fit night guards within a budget? ClearClub can be an ideal fit for you! It is very affordable and it is created by professional-grade materials.

It comes complete with trays. The trays contain teeth impressions. To create your impression, you have to exercise the jaw first.

That’s how you produce the impression. After you send the tray back, ClearClub creates a custom-fitted guard that is of a low profile and of no bite. Usually, companies offer a universal size for all guards, not ClearClub. This custom dental night guard will be your unique guard.

The impressions need to be taken at a dentist’s office. The guard takes some weeks to arrive. It is an amazing dental guard.

Best Durable: Dental Lab Medium Firmness Custom Dental Night Guard

Best Durable Dental Lab Medium Firmness Custom Dental Night Guard
Key Features
  • Average firmness
  • Provides ideal comfort
  • Has a convenient weight
  • Brand: Sparkling White Smiles
  • Size of the product: 7.8”x5”x1.4”
  • Weight of the product: Around 3.99 ounces
Made of soft materials
Very durable
Comfortable to wear
Made from medical-grade materials
Might not be suitable for people with a low budget

Are you in need of a customized dental night guard? Do you need guards that will be an exact fit of your teeth? Sparkling White Smiles will provide you with your exact needs. Although it is an expensive dental guard, it is one of the best in the market.

This custom dental night guard ensures premium firmness. It doesn’t use any of the harmful material. The material is premium medical grade. It does not contain latex.

Afterward, you will get your personalized guard. This custom dental night guard falls into the expensive category of our list. But it is an amazing deal and worth every penny.

The dental guard is designed with an anti-abrasive substance. It won’t rub your tongue or gum in the wrong way. It will provide maximum comfort for nightwear. It weighs really less. It will ensure a good sleep.

The lab is highly professional and they have been in the market for a long time now. The professionals make these guards with utmost care and detail.

Therefore, you can rest assured that this custom dental night guard can be a better fit for you far better than others. It is free of harmful materials therefore you can use it in peace.

Best Budget: Sparkling White Smiles Slim Thin Soft Upper Teeth Custom Dental Night Guard

Best Budget Sparkling White Smiles Slim Thin Soft Upper Teeth Custom Dental Night Guard
Key Features
  • Affordable price tag
  • Top-quality details in the tray
  • Highest protection for the teeth against grinding, clenching, and bruxism
  • Brand: Sparkling White Smiles
  • Size of the product: 7.3”x4.5”x1”
  • Weight of the product: Around 3.99 ounces
Experts make the customized fits
Thin and comfortable material compared to other dental guards
Unlimited adjustments provided by the manufacturer company
Cannot withstand heavy clenching

Do you want a professional whitening setup? Are you worried about the budget? The Sparkling White Night Guard exists to address your concerns! The custom dental night guard is professional grade. It is highly affordable and fits any budget.

The procedure to create a teeth impression is familiar to those with orthodontic experiences. You have to bite down silicone putty that is placed on a tray made of plastic. The dental assistant waits for the putty to solidify.

After it turns solid, it is sent to the labs to make the castings of teeth. The whitening trays are made of the same procedure.

Since we are in an era of advanced science and technology and we also have the advantage of everything getting shipped to our doors, the trays can get made at a cheap price and without a visit to the dentist’s office.

Sparkling white Smiles provide you with clear and detailed instructions. The procedure is very simple and straightforward. If you are familiar with silly putties, you would be able to work these very easily.

The silicon putties are firmer. You have to mix the patties together. Then you have to bite into the silicone putty. Afterward, wait till the putty solidifies.

It is always a great idea to get customized dental trays from dental labs. You have to send the dental impressions first. Afterward, your desired whitening setup will be sent to you within some time.

Best Long-lasting: Armor Guard Custom Dental Night Guard

Best Long-lasting Armor Guard Custom Dental Night Guard
Key Features
  • Long-lasting
  • Inexpensive
  • Made with beneficial materials
  • Brand: Armor Guard
  • Size of the product: 5.9”x2.7”x1.6”
  • Weight of the product: Around 7.2 ounces
Easy to use
Compact sized
Comes with a carrying case
Thicker compared to other mouthguards

Have you tried a lot of dental guard options but had no luck? Are you struggling with the fitting of your dental guard? Well, look no more! Armor Guard custom dental night guard will be an ideal match for you.

The company provides a detailed instruction manual. You can easily follow that and mold your teeth and jaw. You have to send the kit back to the lab. The lab will take the mold back. Afterward, they will make the guard according to your measurements.

This is a lengthy process, however. But it is far cheaper than a visit to the dentists. You wouldn’t have to spend hours at a dentist’s office to get your customized teeth guard.

You can purchase this online and have the same benefits at a much lower price. The Guards avoid harmful materials such as Latex and BPAs. They also provide a cash-back guarantee. You can also replace them easily.

Why do you need to use custom dental night guard?

One of the true reasons for wearing the best custom dental night guard is determined while having a dental checkup. Most of the times they are put on to:

1) Avoid Any Injury

If you have done any sort of treatment to the teeth of your child then grinding teeth will be dangerous. No matter if the child’s teeth are treated previously or not but grinding causes his or her teeth to be chipped or break.

When the teeth compress, the child automatically touches the pain with the exhibition of dentin as well as the teeth’s roots. Such a thing triggers the sensitivity that a child experiences while eating. Your child will simply lose teeth if such a condition proceeds.

As a safety, ask your child to use a night guard for protection because it helps in avoiding any sort of injury.

2) Minimizing The Pain

Grinding teeth at night can cause certain discomfort in the teeth the next morning. Your child requires a guard in between sleeping if the child gets up every morning with pain in its teeth.

It is witnessed in Pediatric Dentistry of Canyon Ridge that so many patients feel much improved in a couple of days right after wearing the guard.

It is considered fruitful to wear it each night. Still, it is undiscovered that why people have this issue of grinding their teeth other than stress and discomfort.

3) Curing Temporomandibular (TMJ) Problem

When someone excessively grinds teeth result in temporomandibular disorder. Such an issue arises as a painful jaw early morning and can add a headache as well. Pain in the neck, face, and jaw amidst eating can be some of the signs of such disorder.

You can easily contact the dentist and have an appointment if your child is going through such a problem. It should be your priority to treat such disorder by wearing the guard to stop your children from grinding their teeth amidst sleeping.

If not taken seriously, TMJ disorder is dangerous and at such a level people even find it hard to disclose their mouth.

Why is a custom night police considered the most suitable for teeth grinding?

The custom night guard is the finest of all other guards because it is specifically formulated for the safety of your mouth and teeth.

The professional dentist will make sure that the guard would get fit completely in your mouth over your teeth.

The additional benefit of a custom night guard is that it does not create any sort of problem with your tongue and does not affect your speaking at all. With that, you can wear it as long as you require it.

There are different rates charged by different dentists for custom guards mostly around 500 bucks. Ordering the night guards straight from the real source is the best option. You must find the best match.

Buying Guide On The Best Custom Night Guards – Find The Best Match!

Almost all the nightguards point out the same issue of grinding teeth though they differ in design. From this, it is assumed that different people require different sort of nightguards that suits them best.

Mostly, they vary in the stuff, size, price, strength, comfort, and durability. Having a clear idea about these things may help you in purchasing a good nightguard for yourself.

The Size Of A Nightguard

An important thing about the nightguard is its size, fit, and weight. Such night guard having a thick size may look so massive in your mouth whereas, on the other hand, a loose one can be difficult for keeping in the mouth a whole night. You can get every size fit because every type of model is obtainable.

The Stuff

Mostly, the nightguards are a composition of strong, heat-treated plastic but few of those use acrylic stuff. High-value and harmless apparatuses should be used by trustworthy labs so they should be tested up to the standards.

Some people have latex-allergy so they make sure to speak the description of having a latex-free nightguard while some others also go for BPA- free choice.

The Comfort Level

It relies on the size, fit, stuff, and elegance that the guard has, though comfort itself is subordinate. Since the custom-fit is designed for the mouth of an individual, it is very much comfortable.

It is up to the sleepers whether they like to wear a soft night guard or a hard one in design. The feel can be affected by the shape and the style of a nightguard as few of them are heavier than others.

The Durability Of Night Guard

The main aim of the production of nightguards is to resist grinding and compressing but at the same, it is made sure that it should be long-lasting. Such nightguards which are designed for heavy grinding are supposed to long-last than those which are planned for easy grinding.

In most cases, heavy grinders change their nightguards quite often according to their use for special protection. For easy changing of nightguards, the manufacturers take the prints of the customer’s teeth and replace them accordingly.

The Style Of The Nightguard

To fulfill the needs of the customers, the manufacturers go on formulating different styles plus kinds of nightguards. The main concern is about the exact fit of the nightguard on the teeth no matter which model it is e.g. custom.

The Price Of The Night Guard

It is always costly to purchase a night guard from the dentist’s office rather than buying it online. Mostly the price is between a hundred to two hundred dollars but with that, durability is vital as well while purchasing it.

The nightguard which is less long-lasting requires to be changed after every month or two that would charge you much as a whole but on the other hand, a long-lasting nightguard is a bit expensive but can survive for a long time and needless replacement.

Different Types of The Best Custom Dental Night guards!

There are so many varieties of nightguards accessible in the marketplace ranging from costly to cheap ones e.g. from cheap one-size-fit guards to professionally designed custom guards.

1. The Over-The-Counter Night Guard Type

Such guards are easily present in the medical store and some other markets as well. They are a cheaper version of nightguards that are composed of elastic-plastic.

The disadvantage of these guards is that if they are put on the teeth, they do not offer a firm grip. Due to this, they can move amidst sleeping and can cause danger.

2. Boil And Bite Night Guard Type

These guards are easily accessible too and are there in the market. Though they are made of rigid plastic but are easily get soften upon heating in boiled water.

After this, these guards are taken out of the water then placed upon the teeth. When they become cold, they are fixed accordingly like they carry the form like the teeth.

The disadvantage of these guards is that they are thicker in size and are not comfortable using them for a longer period. Afterward, they start losing their shape so is molded again to bring them into proper shape.

How To Select Between Lower Or Upper Night Guards?

It is totally up to the sleeper’s preference whether to use a lower or upper nightguard. It does matter too much because all you require is something in between your upper and lower teeth that would protect your teeth from grinding.

1. Easiness And Sensibleness

It is a real fact that you will continue to wear your nightguard as long as it will not hurt you or pester you and is much more comfortable to use it. The right thing some people do is that they place the night guard on the upper teeth keeping in mind its less contact with the tongue.

This helps them speak more easily and fluently without any problem. The first-time user of a custom nightguard is appreciated to go for placing the guard on upper teeth.

Moreover, if you are using it in the daytime, then placing it on the lower teeth is better because in this way it is less visible.

2. The Situation Of The Teeth

People are interested in considering the condition and sequence of their teeth because they know that it affects the way the night guard would fit on their teeth.

We would suggest you go with the side which has little complications. If the upper side of your teeth is in disorder then better go with the lower side so that the night guard would get fit without any complication.

What Are The Key Reasons Behind Bruxism?

The core reason for Bruxism is the amalgamation of genetic, physical, and psychological influences. The root of Bruxism lies in stress and almost 70% of cases of Bruxism are due to stress and tension.

The young people who are much more aggressive in their approach and those emotionally weak are the victims of Bruxism. There was a misconception about Bruxism that it is linked to disordered teeth and had been cured in that way but later it was proven wrong.

Modern studies malign Bruxism with sleep apnea. How and why is it not explicit when it occurs? It is believed by experts that there contain multiple reasons for Bruxism. Some are:

1. Pressure And Nervousness

Pressure, stress, nervousness, and anxiety are the core reasons for Bruxism, and almost 70% of cases occur because of these enlisted things. Unemployment and related problems are similarly some major factors or reasons for Bruxism.

2. Irregularities In The Nervous System

The effect on our sleep provocation episodes is because of mechanics and neurotransmitters that are controlled by our core nervous system.

Those who have irregularities in their nervous system are very much decline towards Bruxism episodes, these happen amidst sleep time arousal.

3. The Factor of Age

No one is exempted from Bruxism neither a child nor an adult but is more common in kids. A lot of children get rid of it at the very young stage of 18.

4. The Factor Of Genetic

Bruxism can also rotate in generation from parents to their children. A lot of cases have been recorded and seen that Bruxism is found among one of the parents or any other siblings.

Some people who are going through Nocturnal Bruxism may find that their children go through sleep Bruxism.

5. Things That Make You Psychoactive

Substances as alcohol, caffeine, cigarette, and many others are well known as psychoactive substances and they are also responsible for the rising of Bruxism because they do not let you sleep and tend you to fall asleep, remaining asleep for a longer time and many more.

Best Custom Night Guard’s Maintenance Tips!

Caring for your best custom night guard from destruction is essential. As it is in the mouth for a longer period so it is necessary to take care of its cleanness. Below are some of the instructions to protect your guard:

  • Make sure to brush your teeth before putting your guard into your mouth.
  • Make sure to wash the nightguard before placing it in your mouth and when you take it out. Make sure the water is not hot otherwise it will deteriorate its shape.
  • Make sure to use a brush to rinse your night guard.
  • Continuously have an eye on your guard so it will not trash easily. If you find anything then you must change it.
  • You should concern a dentist if there is any problem related to your custom-fitted guard. They will fix it somehow.
  • Place the night guard in a solid container, for further protection place it in ventilation.
  • Before using your night guard make sure that it is dry.

FAQs About The Best Custom Night Guards!

Q: Are Night Guards Useful Enough To Use?
A: One of the finest and accurately fixed nightguards divides the teeth and the jaw into suitable positions that lessens headache, jaw tension, and pain.

Q: Are Night Guards Expensive Or Cheap?
A: A mouthguard is luckily less expensive than the amount costs for visiting a dentist on regular basis. The amount fluctuates as per the quality of the nightguard, visit the dentist, or insurance type. Usually, people spend 300-400 bucks.

Q: Are Night Guards Dangerous For Teeth?
A: As we see different signs on the nightguard due to grinding, so nightguards help protect your teeth from further damage. In the absence of a nightguard, enamel gets worn down which results in tooth sensitivity.

Q: Which Guard Is Helpful Upper Or Down?
A: It is suggested to use the upper guard as they do not remove so simply as compared to the lower guard. But on the other hand, dentists prefer the lower teeth guard as they are simple and easy to be in line with. A good night guard must guard all of your teeth by even not disturbing your normal chew.

Q: Which One Is More Preferable A Hard Guard Or A Soft One?
A: A hard night guard is more preferable to use because it helps your lower jaw to move smoothly. Though soft nightguards are good for teeth but have some gruesome symptoms for the joints and muscles due to which muscles function more.

Q: Is The Normal Bite Changes After Using A Night Guard?
A: Some of the bad fitting guards are dangerous as they cause an effect on your speaking by changing your normal bite and that also induces discomfort to your jaw.

Q: Are We Supposed To Wear The Night Guard Each Night?
A: To protect the speaking and oral features from the damaging effect of Bruxism, one wears a nightguard that is why it is important to wear the nightguard for long as the issue of clenching and grinding progress. For some people, it becomes their lifelong friend and they are supposed to wear it throughout their lives.

Q: Are The Night Guards Available In-Store Good Enough To Use?
A: it does not matter if you buy a night guard from a store or mouth guards that are custom made, both of them are beneficial for the task as long as your chewing teeth are concerned.

Here, the question should be which one of these is more comfortable and reliable. Furthermore, the custom-made guard is ten times or more than that expensive from the one bought from a store.

Q: What Is The Reason Behind Hurting Teeth After Placing A Night Guard In The Mouth?
A: One of the obvious reasons is that of shifting teeth, when a person moves his jaw while wearing a nightguard it induces pain in your jaw muscles and teeth.

Some of the teeth grinders take some weeks to become used to the mouthguard they use. These weeks are very painful though.

Q: Does It Hurt When Night Guard Is Used For The First Time?
A: Initially they do not hurt you just sense it inside your mouth for the first time and then you get used to it.

Q: Is It Good To Have A Tight Night Guard?
A: For the first time you wish to remove it like it is a close-fitted thing. It is tight initially but with the time you get used to it would be easy for you later.

Q: Does TMJ Get Affected By A Night Guard?
A: The night guards are mostly in contact with some posterior teeth while not much with anterior teeth. This strange contact of night guard with teeth can cause TMJ issues.

Q: Is It Suitable To Wear A Night Guard In The Daytime?
A: Most often, it is not necessary to wear a night guard at day time because it is designed to wear at night when you cannot stop yourself from grinding. You can contact your dentist as well.

Q: Is It Fine To Rinse The Night Guard Quite Often?
A: It is good to wash the night guard after a month. For that put the guard in any container with water then let the cleaner mix completely in water.

Q: Is Night Guard Helpful In Stopping Teeth Grinding?
A: While sleeping people grind their teeth and for stopping that custom guards are effective enough. If no action is taken then it will damage your enamel.

Q: Can Mouth Guard Be The Reason For Gum Recession?
A: Before wearing the night guard, do not forget to brush the teeth, and also after getting it out wash it well because the mouthguard carries bacteria that could result in gum illness.

Q: Is Night Guard Dangerous For Health?
A: As research printed in General Dentistry of America, it says that mouthguards could be the influential devices that carry bacteria and can result in disastrous infections.

Q: Why Does The Color Of The Night Guard Change?
A: It is considered good because people release saliva and it accumulates on the mouthguard and changes its color to yellow.

Q: Is It Good To Place The Night Guard Inside The Water?
A: Few dentists are of the view of keeping it in a closed container for germ and bacteria-free but few suggest putting it in water that is cold.


If we talk about saving our mouth then the best custom night guard is very important. Utilizing a decent dental guard can help you keep your keep from grinding teeth problems.

Go and buy a good mouthguard right now to secure your mouth and teeth and through that way you can get over your problems explicitly.

You can consider this top enCore Guards Custom Dental Night Guard. If you wanna buy an inexpensive one, then try this J&S Dental Lab Custom Dental Night Guard for Lower Bite Guard.

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