10 Best Laser Levels of 2020

Laser levels, undoubtedly, are hassle-free tools not just for construction tasks but for the home projects also. The best laser level is incredibly useful when you need to achieve ideal alignment, whether vertical or horizontal.

Laser levels will come very convenient especially when you are keen on doing DIY projects such as making your storages or kitchen cabinet.

Other than the materials required, you also have to ensure that you will be focusing on the aligned surface. Having laser levels, you’ll have the ability to guarantee a flawlessly-aligned outcome that can make the work seem as if it was built by an expert.

Choosing the ideal laser level is not easy, particularly with the unique features you are not experienced with.

Honestly, that is the reason why I explored the crowd-favorite and best laser levels available on the marketplace to ensure that you grab something that is worthwhile. Keep reading to discover the 10 Best Laser Levels of 2020.

Quick summary

DEWALT DW089K – Best Overall Laser Level


  • Brand: DEWALT
  • Model: DW089K
  • 3-beam line laser
  • Range with detector: 165ft
  • Green/Red Laser Beam
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DEWALT DW089LG – Best Rotary Laser Level


  • Brand: DEWALT
  • Model: DW089LG
  • 3 x 360 degree line lasers
  • Green Laser Beam
  • Range with detector: 165 feet
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DEWALT DW088LG – Best Green Laser Level


  • Brand: DEWALT
  • Model: DW088LG
  • 2-beam cross line laser
  • Green/Red Laser Beam
  • Range with detector: 165ft
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DEWALT DW083K – Best Point Laser Level


  • Brand: DEWALT
  • Model: DW083K
  • 3-beam line laser
  • Yellow Laser Beam
  • Indoor visibility range of 100 ft
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Pacific Laser Systems PLS 4 – Best Magnetic Level

Pacific Laser Systems PLS 4

  • Brand: Pacific Laser Systems
  • Model: PLS 4
  • 2-beam cross line laser
  • Red Laser Beam
  • Range with detector: 200ft
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Bosch GLL 2-20 Laser Level

Bosch GLL 2-20 Laser Level

  • Brand: Bosch
  • Model: GLL 2-20
  • 1 x 360 degree line laser
  • Blue Laser Beam
  • Range with detector: 65ft
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Bosch GLL 55 – Best Portable Laser Level

Bosch GLL 55

  • Brand: Bosch
  • Model: GLL 55
  • 2-beam cross line laser
  • Red Laser Beam
  • Range with detector: 50ft
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Bosch GLL3-330CG Laser Level

Bosch GLL3-330CG

  • Brand: Bosch
  • Model: GLL3-330CG
  • 3 x 360 degree, 1 horizontal and 2 vertical line lasers
  • Range: 200 Ft.
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Klein Tools 93LCLS Laser Level

Klein Tools 93LCLS

  • Brand: Klein Tools
  • Model: 93LCLS
  • Horizontal and vertical laser lines with plumb spot
  • Red Laser Beam
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Black & Decker DBL 190S Laser Level

Black & Decker DBL 190S

  • Brand: Black & Decker
  • Model: DBL 190S
  • 1 horizontal level line
  • Red Laser Beam
  • Self-leveling
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Before you buy: 11 Things to consider when purchasing laser level

Below are factors that you should consider when shopping for a laser level:

1. Visibility Range and Accuracy

The accuracy of a laser level describes the leveling of a given work surface expressed in a fraction of an inch. For instance, a laser level instrument with an accuracy rating such as +5/16 inch is considered less accurate in comparison with a +⅛ inch instrument. In other words, the more accurate your laser level is the better it serves its intended purpose.

In the meantime, the visibility range of a laser level describes the distance with which you can see the laser with your own naked eyes. Therefore, the longer the visibility range of your laser level. The larger work surface you can work with.

Some of the Class II Laser diodes are bright enough to be seen at a distance of up to 50 feet when you are working indoors. So, 50 feet is just enough for you when working on a small scale or mid-scale construction project. For large-scale projects, you will require higher visibility laser level instruments.

2. The Color of the Laser Beam

When shopping for your laser level, you must consider the color that will work best for you. In this regard, there are two color options to choose from. These colors are green and red. Whether you settle for green or red lasers, make sure that your choice goes hand in hand with where you are going to use your laser level.

For outdoor construction projects, green lasers are the most preferred. This is because they are more visible in bright sunlight than the red lasers. On the other hand, the red lasers are quite effective when you are working indoors because they are quite perfect in low light situations such as those found indoors.

3. The Source of Power

All the laser levels that we have covered so far operate with the help of certain types of battery power. Most of the batteries used in these tools range from any type of AA batteries all the way to rechargeable ones.

In this case, you can rely on standard batteries because they are relatively cheap and easy to switch out. On the flip side, these batteries are not long-lasting compared to rechargeable types. In addition to that, you can only use them once.

Unlike other types of batteries, the rechargeable batteries are more expensive than standard batteries. The reason why they are costly is that you can use them over and over again provided that you recharge them when the power runs out. The only major setback with these batteries is their charging time which may delay the completion of your work.

4. Battery Life

The battery life is one of the key factors that you should consider when buying your laser level. The overall battery life of your choice will depend solely on the type of the battery itself and how often you are going to use your laser level.

As stated earlier, the rechargeable batteries are more likely to last longer than other types of batteries (standard AAA and AA). Besides, you can recharge them when the power reduces.

Unfortunately, rechargeable batteries take some time to charge. When they run out during the working hours, you cannot swap them out, in the same way, you will do for standard batteries. This is one major setback of relying on rechargeable batteries to operate your laser level.

Another factor that can affect battery life is how frequently you will be using your laser level. If you know that you will be using the level constantly, then make sure that you get batteries that will sustain you for long. For that reason, you should consider purchasing rechargeable batteries because you can charge them anytime they run out in addition to saving you some money.

But if you are going to use your laser level occasionally, you may opt for standard batteries. This makes more sense than using costly rechargeable batteries when you are not using your level consistently.

5. Number of Dots or Beams

The type of laser level you want to buy will depend on the kind of project you are about to undertake. If your project is advanced, you will require a laser level that is a bit advanced. This means you will need a laser instrument that will provide you more dots or beams when pointing places for reference.

But for a simple project, you won’t need to bother yourself searching for an advanced laser level. Instead, you will settle for a basic type to save you some money in the process.

6. Manual-Leveling Versus Automatic/Self-Leveling Lasers

A few laser levels come as manual leveling, meaning that you need to observe the behavior of the bubble vital to know if the entire unit is accurately leveled.

To operate a manual level unit, you need to make some adjustments using thumbscrews on the unit. As you may have guessed right, this process is tedious and cumbersome if you are not experienced enough in using this type of equipment.

Self-leveling laser levels are somehow different such that they come with an internal pendulum designed to do the leveling on its own. As the name suggests, this piece of equipment levels itself automatically to up 5 degrees regardless of whether the surface is vertical or horizontal. With this type of laser leveling, provided that the inclination falls within the 5-degree mark, you can use it as your reference point.

In case of an error, the out of level indicator will blink to alert you even before you take any further step.

Both types of laser levels have advantages and disadvantages that make them unique tools. First, both types are very useful in one way or the other. The only major exception is reflected in the self-leveling lasers which save you time and are more accurate.

7. Horizontal Versus Dual Beam Laser Levels

Horizontal Lasers are known to emit only laser beams. These devices play a critical role in checking floor leveling. Horizontal laser levels have the capacity to show or display irregularities on any work surface. But their applications are limited even though they are a little bit cheaper than the dual-beam lasers.

When it comes to the dual-beam lasers, the situation is different. These devices emit two beams whereby one is vertical and the other is horizontal. Most of these instruments come with individual buttons where each of these buttons is designed to control the beams separately.

For that reason, the dual-beam laser levels allow you to experience greater flexibility while working on different surfaces. Also, the dual-beam laser levels are used simultaneously as level and plumb reference lines. If you are planning to throw lines onto your walls and floors at 90 degrees, dual beam lasers will help you achieve this feat.

Quite a number of dual beam lasers are capable of projecting cross lines rather than individual vertical and horizontal lines. These models of dual-beam laser levels are suitable for installing bigger wall fixtures and partitions or drop ceilings.

Rotary lasers are similar to dual-beam lasers in such a way that one beam comes out as a plumb up dot on your ceiling while the other is displayed as a horizontal line around your room. This type of laser level is ideal for checking the leveling of your wall or when installing the wainscoting/cabinetry that is more likely to span your entire room.

8. Laser Detectors/Laser Receivers

Laser detectors have two major uses; to extend the laser level’s working range and to enable your laser level to be used in bright light or outdoor conditions. Most laser detectors emit certain sounds to help you get the required level.

A fast tone is meant for moving the detector/receiver down. The slow tone for moving it up and a steady tone to show that you are at the required level.

The decision to buy a laser receiver depends on various factors, key among them being the types of applications you want to use it for. If you are looking forward to using it outdoors, then the laser detector may not be of any importance to you.

It’s wise to know that not every laser level is compatible with all laser detectors. If you are planning to purchase detectors for your future projects, you must check all the specifications before you make your final decision.

9. IP Rating

IP refers to “Ingress Protection”. This is the quality of a product in terms of sealing and effectiveness in protecting it against foreign objects such as water and dirt.

When looking at the IP rating, you need to be fully aware of some digits. The first digit you will ever come across on the IP rating is the actual size of an object that is likely to intrude on the product you want to buy. The second digit denotes the capacity or ability of the laser level to protect against moisture.

10. Mounting Threads

Mounting threads play a significant role in certain applications. This ensures that the laser level remains stable throughout. For instance, you can keep the beams to a specific height or certain position with the help of the mounting thread.

Most laser levels are designed specifically for standard tripods. Others need a special mounting device. This is where the mounting thread comes in handy to make your work easier.

11. The Specific Purpose of the Laser Level

What you want to do with your laser level is the most important factor to consider when shopping for this equipment. Laser levels come at different designs, models, sizes, and prices. These specifications make each equipment unique in the way with which you are going to use it. Each laser level is used for specific applications.

Here are common types of laser levels that you are likely to come across on the market today:

  • Single Beam Lasers: Ideal for checking leveling on floors and walls before the heating vents or tiles are installed.
  • Dual Beam Lasers-Simple Vertical and Horizontal Lasers: Suitable for transferring points from the floor to the ceiling. Also, you can use them when performing easy installations of lighting.
  • Dual Beam Lasers-Cross Line Lasers: Designed for layout and installation of plumbing and electrical systems, doors, walls and fitting of tiles onto walls. Also, these laser levels are applicable in the installation of long rows of wall fittings as well as cabinetry.
  • 3-Beam Lasers/Layout Lasers: This type of laser level comes with all the benefits of vertical and horizontal lasers including a third plumb line checks. This type of laser level is suitable for cabinetry and other jobs that require lots of 45 degrees and 90 degrees measurements.
  • Rotary Lasers or Line Lasers with Laser Detectors: These equipment are meant for job sites found in well-lit locations as well as those measuring more than 50 feet.

DEWALT DW089K – Best Overall Laser Level

3-beam line laser
Self-leveling (±4°)
Accuracy: ±1/8’’ at 30’
Visibility: 50ft
Range with detector: 165ft
Laser class: 2
2 x brighter diode
Built-in magnetic pivot bracket
1-button operation and control panel
IP65 dust/water resistance
30-hour runtime (4 AA batteries)
3-year limited warranty; 1-year free service
Product Dimensions: 11.3 x 10.6 x 4.8 inches
Item Weight: 4.35 pounds


If you are looking for a self-leveling line laser level, look no further than the DEWALT DW089K laser level. This model from DEWALT is a perfect example of great innovations in the world of laser levels. That’s why it comes fully equipped with superior features to give you the right results.

As the only laser level that comes with a second plumb-line, this product enables you to create an intersecting line between the floor and ceiling at 90 degrees. As such, you will not need a second laser level to accomplish your task.

Technical Specifications

The DEWALT DW089K laser level has specifications that make your work effortless. Let’s start with the most common ones. The micro knob on this device enables you to carry out several functions. For example, you can adjust the laser to achieve the correct alignment. The laser beam produced is brighter and more powerful than other models from DEWALT.

In addition to that, you can raise the laser over the drywall track without the assistance of tripods or extenders. This is attributed to the equipment’s tack clearance of 1 to 0.75 inches.

The universal wall mount and integrated pivot bracket are included in the design to make your work easier when installing a ceiling.

For accuracy, this laser level provides you a plus/minus ⅛ inch at every 30 feet interval of measurements with a self-leveling of plus/minus 4 degrees. Finally, the single button control-panel allows you to operate this equipment easily.


When it comes to the design, this laser level boasts of three laser beams including a 90-degree angle plumb-line. All these specifications play a critical role in preparing 90-degree layouts. Using this vertical plumb beam eliminates the need for another laser level especially when combined with a universal wall mount.

Another important feature on this laser level is the micro-adjust knob. This feature allows you to adjust the beam gradually and in small increments without moving the device around. The pulse mode lets you access and uses the line detector in order to extend the laser up to 165 feet.


The DEWALT DW089K laser level has an over-molded housing that is covered safely in IP54-rated materials. That’s why they are strong and long-lasting. At the same time, these materials make them withstand more hours in harsh environments. Most significantly, the materials are water, dust and knock proof to maintain an extended period of calibration.

The hard-sided storage on this model makes it easier to transport these items from one location to another. On the other hand, the built-in metal roll cage offers extra stability when taking the readings. And the lightweight integrated pivot brackets on these laser levels are included to fit well on any wall mount.

Best Use

As a class II laser equipment, you can use this model in many applications. You can use it to install drywall applications and acoustic ceilings efficiently. In addition, you can map the wall and prepare floor layouts perfectly and timelessly using the 3-beam features on this device.

Smaller projects such as doors and window installations become easier when working with DEWALT DW089K laser level. So, if you are planning to build your own home, you will find this tool to be very helpful.

Other Important Specifications

When it comes to operating this laser level, you will need four AAA batteries to run for an average of 30 hours. This gives you more than enough time to accomplish all your projects.

Weighing 4.4 pounds and measuring 11.3×10.6×4.8 inches, this laser level is compact and sturdy to withstand different situations. The beam from this model is red and brighter to enhance visibility in all working conditions.

Its black color coupled with other features gives it durability and attractive appearance. No wonder it comes with a three-year warranty and a one-year free service plan.

Why We Liked It

A rating of 4 ½ out of 5 stars is enough to tell you that this laser level is a great choice for most customers. This is evident from its superior features and ease of use, unlike other models.

Another reason why we found this item important is that it is sturdy and durable to give you value for your money. Given that there are no extra accessories needed, we found that this is the right equipment for most tasks.

Three beams for easy 90-degree layouts
Three-year warranty
The extended battery life of up to 30 hours
Easy adjustment
Some customers feel that it is overpriced

Our Verdict

At this moment, you must be familiar with every feature and functionality of DEWALT DW089K self-leveling laser level. All these features combine to give you an ultimate solution in every task involving the leveling of surfaces. That is the reason you need to purchase this model to help you execute alignments of 90-degree intersecting lines with the highest possible precision.

DEWALT DW089LG – Best Rotary Laser Level

3 x 360 degree line lasers
Green Laser Beam
Accuracy : +/ 0.125
Laser class: 2
Range with detector: 165 feet
4 x brighter diode
IP65 water/debris resistance
1/4″ and 5/8″ thread integrated magnetic bracket
12V lithium-ion rechargeable power tool battery
Product Dimensions: 6.1 x 17.8 x 12.5 inches
Item Weight: 3.6 pounds
3-year limited warranty; 1-year free service


The DEWALT DW089LG laser level is a state of the art laser level from DEWALT. Designed for various applications, this model brings you great features and specifications to make your work perfect and enjoyable. Just like other models, this one is also portable, well built and long-lasting.

This laser level device is made of high-quality materials to withstand different work environments. With its rechargeable battery and powerful green beam laser, you can rest assured that you will find this equipment to be efficient.

Technical Specifications

Technical specifications make every laser level effective and unique in many different ways. To begin with, the DEWALT DW089LG laser level comes with a 12-volt MAX-Lithium-ion rechargeable battery. At least you won’t bother spending more money on new batteries every time the power goes down.

Another technical specification of great importance is the green beam laser technology that makes this device functional. This cutting-edge technology allows you to make readings as far as 100 feet away.

Apart from that, there is the full-time pulse mode that is included to let you use the detector, maintain full brightness and extend the range. The locking pendulum is another specification that plays a critical role. It prevents damage to all internal components, keeping the whole unit safe and functional.


The unique design of the DEWALT DW089LG laser level makes it stand out from the rest. The design includes a powerful green-beam laser technology that enables you to work even in bright daylight. This contributes to a visibility range of up to 100 feet especially in areas where visibility is a primary concern. The three 360-degree line green beam lasers in this device come in handy to help you in making a full room layout.

Still, on the design, this product boasts of integrated magnetic brackets that have ¼ inch and ⅝ inch thread for extended ceilings. With the accuracy of plus or minus ⅛ inches at 33 feet, you will rarely experience errors in your work.


Just like other models of DEWALT, the DW089LG laser level is also covered in an over-molded housing complete with IP65 dust, water, and debris resistance material. This gives it a sturdy construction for all types of applications and work environments.

The locking pendulum is also part of the material whose main function is to prevent damage to the device’s internal components. This gives you peace of mind when working outdoors.

Best Use

The DEWALT DW089LG laser level is a model suitable for different applications. In most cases, it is used in laying out walls both indoors and outdoors. Speaking of indoors, this type of laser level works perfectly well thanks to its strong and visible green beam.

As a powerful tool, this laser level allows you to cover as far as 100 feet with a working range of up to 165 feet. Being a class-II laser, you can use this unit to project vertical and horizontal lines that are four times brighter with great visibility.

Other Important Specifications

The laser level is cordless and comes with a rechargeable 12v lithium-ion battery. This battery compatibility allows for extended running time. Given that it is rechargeable, you will find it to be convenient while performing your tasks. When combined with other specifications such as the locking pendulum and full-time pulse mode, this equipment will make your work easier and faster.

Why We Liked It

The DEWALT DW089LG laser level remains a tool of choice among different customers. We liked it because it is cordless, meaning that there are no limitations when covering certain sections of your work area. On top of that, this great laser level has a professional look similar to that of an industrial laser with amazing features.

Ideal for wall layout
The bright green laser beam that is visible up to 100 feet
Three 360-degree lines for the full room layout.
Not suitable for installing tiles

Our Verdict

The DEWALT DW089LG laser level is powered with a rechargeable 12v battery and is capable of projecting vertical and horizontal lines when working indoors or outdoors. This allows you to carry out projects from 100 feet within a working range of 165 feet with an accuracy level of +or- 0.125 inches at 33 feet. On top of that, this product has a three-year limited warranty.

DEWALT DW088LG – Best Green Laser Level

2-beam cross line laser
Self-leveling (±4°)
Accuracy: ±1/8’’ at 30’
Visibility: 100ft
Range with detector: 165ft
Laser class: 2
Green beam laser technology
Includes laser enhancement glasses
Built-in rear mounted magnets
IP65 debris/water resistance
12V MAX* battery
3-year limited warranty; 1-year free service
Product Dimensions: 18.1 x 12.9 x 6.2 inches
Item Weight: 3.6 pounds


The DEWALT DW088LG laser level gives you the best experience in laser leveling. With its long-range visibility, this rotary laser level fulfills all your wishes when it comes to performance.

The DW088LG laser level features a 12V Lithium-ion rechargeable battery, green laser beam technology, over-molded housing, self-leveling cross lines, and IP65 water and debris resistant material.

All these features combine to give you the best results when doing installation, tiling, and layering. Furthermore, this laser level boasts of other features such as the durable design, magnetic brackets and locking pendulum to make long-range applications easier and timeless.

Technical Specifications

For the technical specs, this laser level has it all. From 100 feet visibility range to a convenient rechargeable power batteries and self-leveling cross lines to a powerful green beam laser technology, this tool is just right for different applications. For example, the integrated magnetic bracket with ¼ inch and ⅝ inch thread enables you to attach it to the metal track while working.


The DEWALT DW088LG laser level is specially designed with highly visible green beams for layout and leveling applications. These beams are either horizontal or vertical to serve different situations.

With the accuracy of up to ⅛ inch at 30 feet, this classic laser level provides you the highest precision during installation. The magnetic pivot on this product comes with a base to make the mounting on metallic surfaces easier.

For a better visibility, there is a full-time pulse mode that works in conjunction with the detector to enhance visibility at an extended range.


There is an over-molded housing complete with IP65 rated cover to assure you protection and durability of every component within this laser level. This makes the DEWALT DW088LG laser level a perfect choice for day-long use at the construction site.

Moreover, this material is water and debris resistance to keep all essential parts safe and free of harmful substances. The whole unit weighs 3.6 pounds and measures 18.1×12.9×6.2 inches, making it compact and portable.

Best Use

As a self-leveling cross line laser level, this device is capable of projecting bright crossing vertical and horizontal lines. This means you can use it for interior and exterior applications, especially those involving layouts.

Given that this laser level has a visibility range of up to 100 feet, you can use it in different environments, particularly where visibility is a major issue. The green laser beam makes it an obvious choice when working in bright sunlight conditions or extended range.

Other Important Specifications

The DEWALT DW088LG laser level uses a 12-volt rechargeable battery with a maximum initial voltage of 12 and a nominal voltage of about 10.8. The power output makes this self-leveling cross line laser level efficient and powerful.

At the same time, this 12volt max system provides the device with long run times including the convenience of a 12v rechargeable battery. The locking pendulum plays a crucial role in preventing damage to all internal components.

Why We Liked It

With a rating of 4 ½ out 4 stars, this product stands out among the best in the market today. This is why we liked it very much due to its special features and ease of use. Since it is made of durable and sturdy materials, we found it to be an ideal laser level for all types of environments.

Easy leveling and alignment
12-volt recharge battery system
Improved visibility
Limited warranty

Our Verdict

The DEWALT DW088LG laser level combines different features into a single unit to enhance visibility, allow you to work on different projects and serve you for quite a long time. In this regard, you can use it in construction sites and indoor layout projects.

DEWALT DW083K – Best Point Laser Level

3-beam line laser
Yellow Laser Beam
Accurate: ±1/4″ at 100ft
Indoor visibility range of 100 ft
Laser class: 2
4 AA batteries
Power output ≤ 1mW
Built-in magnetic pivoting bracket
Product Dimensions: 9.4 x 9.1 x 4.3 inches
Item Weight: 2.95 pounds


Here comes another product from DEWALT with tons of features that will make your indoor layout projects a walk in the park. Having said that, this laser level comes with a self-leveling point laser with an accuracy of plus/minus ¼ inch at 100 feet. This means you can take measurements at greater distances with the utmost accuracy. This is just the tip of the iceberg when working with DEWALT DW083K laser level.

Technical Specifications

Besides the self-leveling point laser, there is also a single-lever power switch capable of locking the pendulum when your device is in the off position. The built-in magnetic brackets on this laser level have pivots for easy mounting on metal surfaces.

To achieve a fast and very accurate bottom or top track installation, you will find the integrated clearance on DEWALT DW083K laser level to be helpful.


The DEWALT DW083K laser level is designed to provide you with three powerful and highly visible laser beams. Each one of these beams plays a significant role when it comes to leveling and aligning layouts.

With the accuracy of up to ¼ inches at 100 feet, nothing can go wrong when preparing layouts. The focused beams are bright red and keep the size of the dot small as the distance increases for improved visibility and accuracy.


The DEWALT DW083K laser level has a long-lasting over-molded housing with an IP54 rated cover to give its outward appearance and provide protection against some elements. The cover acts as a water, dust and dirt resistance to keep other vital components in good working conditions throughout.

Best Use

This laser level is one of the best tools that every professional need. Compact and versatile, this user-friendly construction tool is fast and accurate when leveling and aligning projects. This makes it a perfect tool of choice when working on the floor, walls, staircases, and cabinets.

Other Important Specifications

The model number for this laser level is DWO83K and is powered using four AA batteries. Its outer cover is made of plastic which is yellow in color, a common symbol for products from DEWALT.

This self-leveling laser level weighs 2.95 pounds with dimensions of 9.4×9.1×4.3 inches. Such specifications allow you to transport it easily and use it in any location of your choice.

Why We Liked It

The main reason why we prefer using the DEWALT DW083K laser level is that it emits 3 beams for 90-degree layouts and has an accuracy of plus/minus ¼ inches at a whopping distance of 100 feet. Besides, this product has powerful visibility that allows you to achieve the best layout ever.

Accuracy of + or – ¼ inches at 100 feet
Battery operated
Emits three beams for 90-degree layouts
Out of plumb

Our Verdict

From the specifications and features, there’s nothing else to describe the importance of DEWALT DW083K. Needless to say, you will find it more than helpful when working on various indoor applications such as tiling, laying out floors and many others. At least, this product will give you value for your money every time you accomplish your tasks both indoors and outdoors.

Pacific Laser Systems PLS 4 – Best Magnetic Level

2-beam cross line laser
Red Laser Beam
Point to point accuracy: ±1/4’’ at 100’
Crossline accuracy: ±1/8’’ at 30ft
Visibility: 50ft
Range with detector: 200ft
SLD laser detector included
Laser class: 2
Magnetic wall bracket and floor stand included
3 AA batteries
Product Dimensions: 13.8 x 11.8 x 4.7 inches
Item Weight: 4 pounds
3-year warranty


The PLS 4 laser level is a great laser level that is both accurate and fast. This means you won’t waste your time doing one task because it is efficient. Being a wonderful portable addition to other tools, this laser level comes with unique features to make your work easier.

From a plumb to a level and square line, this three-in-one tool is designed to fulfill your leveling and plumbing needs. Once you have it, you will not bother looking for a rotary laser or bubble vial again.

Ideal for short to mid-range outdoor and indoor applications where the horizontal and vertical layout is required. Most importantly, this laser level is brighter and cheaper than rotary lasers.

Technical Specifications

The PLS 4 laser level combines all the features of most PLS tools into a single unit to give you the best outcome. This combination of features provides contractors in the remodeling and commercial trades maximum versatility. On top of that, this broad range of features assures your consistent performance to save your time and money regardless of the job.


For the design, there’s more than meets the eye. The PLS 4 laser level uses a class II laser beam of very high quality. The beam is usually bright and crisp to provide you with all the necessary details of the layout.

Designed for both indoor and outdoor tasks, this laser level comes in handy with 180-degree projection lines to cover the entire room. With the point-to-point accuracy of plus or minus ¼, you can execute every leveling and plumbing operation at a distance of 100 feet.

For the cross-line accuracy, this laser level gives you a plus or minus ⅛ inches at a distance of 30 feet. The whole unit comprises a floor base, pouch, case, and magnetic wall bracket.


As a compact-sized laser level, this tool is bright yellow with highly visible and powerful red laser beams. The whole unit comes complete with a strong carrying case, a manual and batteries.

Crafted from long-lasting and high-quality hard plastic, the PLS 4 laser level is small enough to withstand falls and light knocks while maintaining its calibration. The entire unit measures 2×2.5×4.375 inches and weighs as little as 16 ounces including batteries.

Best Use

This laser level is designed to undertake more complicated renovations at homes such as wallpaper applications and ceiling layouts. Better still, this tool is ideal for home remodeling projects such as fixtures, mirrors, and lights. Other uses include electrical applications, wood framing applications, and metal stud framing work.

Other Important Specifications

The laser level is self-leveling and accurate to save your time. This is made possible with the help of a self-leveling gimbal designed to provide you with accurate marks instantly.

Furthermore, this construction equipment has lasers that are sharp enough to give you crips reference points. This specification helps to eliminate guesswork while allowing you to make marks on the surfaces without an assistant.

The magnetic wall brackets and floor stand are included among the most important specification to make you ready for any application. When you upgrade this tool to a kit, you are likely to get the state of the art SLD laser detector to help you carry out exterior applications.

Why We Liked It

We found this laser level to be quite useful in a number of applications, making it one of the most versatile tools on the market. Besides, this laser level has unmatched beam quality that is bright, smaller and crisp for accuracy and efficiency.

When working with this laser level, we also realized that dampening is quick and stable, much to our delight. This is because the dampening effect prevents beams from bouncing around. The entire unit of PLS-69574 laser level is self-leveling, efficient and easy to operate.

A great tool for interior layout
Suitable for horizontal leveling and vertical plumb
There are cases of the laser not being visible in bright light

Our Verdict

The PLS 4 laser level has numerous advantages that make it a tool of choice for many construction workers. This is attributed to its great features that make every project a success. These features make the laser level measuring to a whole new level with no errors.

All the features are packed into a sturdy plastic casing that allows it to withstand the harsh realities of the construction projects. Basically, these features make this vital tool a must-have for anyone who understands the meaning of efficiency, accuracy, and durability.

Bosch GLL 2-20 Laser Level

1 x 360 degree line laser
Four-mode functionality, including single vertical, single horizontal, horizontal/vertical together and lock/manual modes.
Blue Laser Beam
Accuracy: ±3/16 In. at 30 Ft.
Range with detector: 65ft
Laser class: 2a
Power output: <1mW
4 AA batteries
Smart Pendulum Lock
Style: Standard
Mount: BM3
Product Dimensions: 11 x 4.8 x 10.5 inches
Item Weight: 2 pounds


The Bosch GLL 2-20 laser level is a self-leveling cross line laser level with loads of great features. This laser level boasts of Visimax technology that allows you to achieve great visibility at a distance of 65 feet under the standard working conditions.

With its 360 degrees capability, this laser level provides you with a four-mode functionality which includes a combination of the horizontal and vertical projection of the laser beam as well as the lock/manual modes for convenience.

Now that it is a self-leveling laser level, you can rest assured that it will save a lot of time during the setup. These and other features make this tool a better choice for you, especially when working indoors.

Technical Specifications

Given that the Bosch GLL 2-20 is a 360-degree self-leveling cross line laser level, it means that you can use it in horizontal and vertical applications covering different directions. This feature gives you everyday convenience as well as precision.

Just like other lasers under Bosch, it is easy to use, easy to mount and easy to transport. Its horizontal coverage line coverage provides you with the ability to align an entire room from a single setup point. This laser level also features vertical projections of about 120 degrees for all cross-line applications.

The smart pendulum system is another feature that sets this model apart when it comes to self-leveling. All you need is a one-time setup with an out of level warning indicator and you are good to go. Additionally, this system locks automatically when you switch off the laser level.


The Bosch GLL 2-20 laser level is designed to be versatile thanks to its four-mode functionality. This model includes the single horizontal, single vertical, a combination of horizontal and vertical, and lock/manual modes. As a result, the laser level is able to project two lines independently or simultaneously for a wide range of level/plumb applications.

Interestingly, you can mount this laser level on all surfaces without a problem. This is possible with the help of a BM3 (includes strong magnets, retractable feet, and a grid clamp) position device that holds the laser or attaches it to different surfaces for precise positioning.


The robust over-molded construction of this laser level ensures maximum protection against water, dust, and dirt. This plastic material plays a crucial role in providing a sure grip in your hands for dependable operation.

Besides, the plastic casing gives you easy access to the battery compartment not to mention its numerous mounting accessories at your disposal. Crafted from long-lasting plastic material, the entire unit is lightweight (2pounds) and sturdy enough to withstand the harsh conditions at a construction site.

Best Use

The fact that this is a class II laser level, it is designed to emit a red laser beam that is ideal for basic indoor applications. Speaking of indoor applications, you may use this laser level to fix hanging blinds and other window treatments for hanging your family portraits. Alternatively, you can use it as a spirit level because of its two built-in vial bubbles.

Now that it is built for short-range indoor applications, you can rely on it for aligning or leveling shelves and mounting speakers on the wall. In general, any DIY project in need of leveling and aligning can be accomplished with the help of the Bosch GLL 2-20 laser level.

Other Important Specifications

When you purchase this laser level, the entire kit includes several features and specifications. Good examples of these features include the state of the art BM3 positioning device, the laser target, a carrying case, and four AA alkaline batteries.

The accuracy line is another specification of great interest. It provides you with an accuracy of plus or minus 3/16 inch at 30 feet with a range of up to 65 feet.

Why We Liked It

With a 4.4 star rating out of a possible 5, this laser level is just amazing for different projects. We liked it because it is self-leveling, uses four alkaline AA batteries and is sturdy enough to withstand extreme working conditions. In a nutshell, the Bosch GLL 2-20 laser level is a tool to rely on for your basic indoor projects.

Compact and sturdy
A great laser level for the price
The smart pendulum system for self-leveling
The beams are not readily visible outside
Difficult to use a detector outdoor

Our Verdict

Now that Bosch GLL 2-20 laser level comes with unique features, you can trust that it will meet all your needs. Above all, it is small in size to fit perfectly well into your pocket for easy transportation.

Bosch GLL 55 – Best Portable Laser Level

2-beam cross line laser
Red Laser Beam
Accuracy: ±1/8 In. at 33 Ft.
Range with detector: 50ft
Laser class: 2
IP54 water/debris resistance
Smart Pendulum Lock
Magnetic Mounting Bracket
3 AA batteries
Product Dimensions: 4.4 x 2.2 x 4.2 inches
Item Weight: 1.08 pounds
2-year limited warranty


Just like other laser levels from Bosch, the GLL 55 laser level has very powerful visibility. This is associated with the Visimax technology that is included in the design to provide maximum visibility of up to 50 feet under the standard working conditions.

Easy to operate and set up, this device can project horizontal, vertical and cross lines, covering 360 degrees.

Moreover, this laser line is built to project two lines independently or simultaneously. As a result, you will be able to perform different applications indoors and outdoors. The good news is that it is secure, durable and versatile.

Technical Specifications

The Bosch GLL 55 laser level has quite a number of specifications that make it a tool of choice for many professionals. The VisiMax technology helps in monitoring the temperature when carrying out different operations.

The smart pendulum system is also included to indicate out-of-level conditions for accurate layouts. After switching off the laser, the pendulum locks it for secure transport from one location to another.


The design comes with a lot of unique features. All these features combine to enhance visibility, endure tough conditions at the job site, and promote layout efficiency.

Another feature that you should take note of on this laser level is the smart pendulum system which self-levels or indicates any out-of-level conditions during the setup process. At least, you will have a lot of confidence in your work once you know how to use this feature.

When you want to lock the laser lines at different angles, you will find the manual mode on this device to be quite effective and helpful.


The robust over-molded construction uses the IP54 splash to protect the entire unit from water, dust and loose dirt. This type of construction gives you many years or months of dependable operation as you perform different tasks. And all these are housed in a plastic composite housing that is both sturdy and durable.

Best Use

The GLL 55 laser level can project two lines that form a cross-line projection for different applications. For that reason, you can use this device for leveling and aligning projects. So, if you are constructing a perfect bookshelf or installing kitchen cabinets, this is the best laser level for this application.

Other Important Specifications

This laser unit is operated with three AA batteries which makes it easy to use it anywhere of your choice. The whole unit measures 4.4×2.2×4.2 inches and weighs 1.08lbs. Generally, this unit operates at a temperature of 14 degrees to 122 degrees. The operating range is up to 50 feet with an accuracy line of ⅛ inch at 33 feet.

Why We Liked It

The Bosch GLL 55 laser level is a self-leveling cross-line laser device that is built to project two lines- horizontal and vertical-for measurements in a layout. Apart from that, it gives you a very high visibility at a range of 30 feet. This makes it an ideal laser level for most indoor applications.

A large display Area
Easy to operate
A well-designed precision tool
Its operating range is shorter than other types of laser beams

Our Verdict

The entire system comprises a magnetic mounting bracket, self-leveling cross-line laser level, laser target plate, three AA alkaline batteries, and a hard carry case. With these technical specifications at your disposal, you can perform an array of leveling and alignment applications, check Bosch GLL 55 Now.

Bosch GLL3-330CG Laser Level

3 x 360 degree, 1 horizontal and 2 vertical line lasers
Accuracy: ±3/32 In. at 30 Ft
4 x brighter diode
Laser class: 2
Range: 200 Ft.
With Receiver: 330 Ft.
Operating Temperature -14° F / -10° C up to 104° F / 40° C
Mount: BM1
Smart Pendulum Lock
Pulse Laser Receiver Mode
12V max Lithium-Ion battery or 4 AA alkaline batteries
Material: Plastic Composite
Product Dimensions: 6.4 x 3.3 x 5.8 inches
Item Weight: 2 pounds
1-year limited warranty


Bosch GLL3-330CG laser level is a must-have laser level if you want efficiency and convenience in one package. This unit generates 3 green beam laser lines that form 360 degree laser planes. In simple terms, this laser level generates two vertical laser lines and one horizontal laser line.

Unlike other models, this laser level makes your work easier with the use of Bluetooth connectivity to your smartphone or tablet. The laser is designed to provide dual power technology complete with a 12 volt Max Lithium-ion battery.

Alternatively, the unit comes with 4 AAA alkaline batteries to keep the device running even after the main battery has been drained.

Basically, this unit boasts of great features that will fascinate you and change the way you work on your layout applications.

Technical Specifications

Bosch GLL3-330CG laser level is an alignment and complete laser level making it an all-in-one laser level. This way, the tool can quickly arrange and square your room layout with 3 chalk lines in 360-degree laser planes-two vertical and one horizontal.

The Vimax technology that comes with this tool monitors power consumption to increase energy efficiency while maximizing line visibility. For high visibility, this unit uses green beam lasers to generate lines up to four times brighter than the traditional red beams. This makes it ideal for ambient light job site conditions.


The design includes a three-plane alignment and leveling line laser that makes layout applications effortless. This is made possible with the green beam laser that is bright enough for different job sites.

The laser beam delivers a range of up to 200 feet, meaning that it can serve a wider area. To add on that, the laser has a diameter and pulse mode with an extended range of up to 330 feet including an LR6 or LR8 detector. This equipment uses a class II laser which is 500 to 540 nanometers with a power output of <5mW.


Most of the parts on this unit are crafted from the highly durable plastic material. These include the plastic composite housing that is skillfully designed to be sturdy and protective.

The outer cover on this device protects it against light bumps or falls which are a common occurrence at the workstation. This material is also lightweight with an amazingly comfortable soft grip.

Best Use

The Bosch-330CG laser level projects 3 lines that make 360 degrees of laser planes for the easy room layout. This unit is a perfect choice for aligning and leveling applications. You may use it for constructing bookshelves or the hang standard floating bookshelves in a den.

Apart from that, you can use it for leveling or aligning stairways as well as installing kitchen cabinets. With this tool, you will find all alignment applications an easy feat.

Other Important Specifications

The connected control uses the Bluetooth connectivity for enhanced control of the laser beam across the room using smartphones as well as the Bosch leveling remote application. The calibration guard plays a critical role when it comes to monitoring the level laser in situations such as drops, extremely high heat and other conditions.

The smart pendulum system is also an important specification that you need to consider when using this laser level. This system is useful in self-leveling and indicating out-of-level conditions. Also, the system locks the device when you switch it off for safe transportation.

Why We Liked It

We found this laser level to be quite helpful and handy in various applications. This is because it can project three lines; one horizontal and two vertical for effective room layout and alignment.

Besides, this laser level uses a rechargeable 12v lithium-ion battery and 4 AAA batteries for continuous operation. The Bluetooth connectivity is another key feature that we found to be effective in controlling the setup with the press of a button on a smartphone.

It is a three-in-one laser level
Built-in VisiMax technology to maximize laser line visibility
Bluetooth connectivity for easy control and setup of the unit
Its case is bigger than other types of laser levels

Our Verdict

The features and specifications of this tool make it suitable for use both outdoors and indoors. For instance, its green laser beam can project lines up to 200 feet from the source, thus becoming a tool of choice for those working on larger projects. Interestingly, Bosch GLL3-330CG laser level does not need manual leveling, meaning that it will save you a lot of time when setting it up.

Klein Tools 93LCLS Laser Level

Horizontal and vertical laser lines with plumb spot
Red Laser Beam
3 AA batteries
Style: Laser Level with Plumb Spot
IP54 water/debris resistance
Integrated magnetic 360-degree mounting bracket with 1/4-Inch and 5/8-Inch tripod mounting threads
Product Dimensions: 5.3 x 2.6 x 5 inches
Item Weight: 1.57 pounds
1-year limited warranty


Here is another classic self-leveling cross-line laser level from Klein tools. Klein Tools 93LCLS is a high performing laser level equipment with the capability to align and level different layouts for professionals. It is a reliable tool with great features that make any application simple and timeless.

Technical Specifications

Given that this is a self-leveling laser level, you will be glad to use it on almost every project you undertake. This is due to its easy to read vertical and horizontal laser lines complete with plumb spot laser beams to help you pinpoint overhead locations with ease. Also, this laser level projects the vertical and horizontal lines independently or at the same time depending on the nature of the project you are working on.


The Kelin Tools 93LCLS laser level is designed to be functional, reliable and flexible. Lest you forget, this laser level is portable and compact. Measuring 5.3×2.6×5 inches and weighing 1.57 pounds, it is light and small to fit in your pockets for easy transportation and convenience.

Powered by three AA batteries, you can use it anywhere you want. Apart from that, its measurement system is in metric for easy reading and accurate record of details. The whole unit is covered in a plastic casing that is made to protect the internal parts.


As mentioned earlier, the Klein Tools 93LCLS laser level has a covering made of plastic material. The dust and water-resistant IP54 hard plastic casing provide maximum protection against the harsh construction environment.

Best Use

Given that this laser level is a self-leveling device, it will save you a lot of time and effort when setting it up. With that in mind, you can take that positive attribute as a reason to use it when finishing off a few home renovation projects.

These projects could be laying out tiles or installing floors and fixing picture frames on the wall. This tool can also work perfectly when measuring cabinets or countertops including aligning sloped applications.

Other Important Specifications

The hard plastic carrying case that protects this equipment is also designed to be dust and water-resistant. When it comes to mounting this laser level, there are two options at your disposal; the ⅝ inch tripod threads and the integrated magnetic (360 degrees) mounting bracket.

If you are not happy with these options, there’s also a traditional mounting clamp that comes in handy for attachment when working on a ceiling grid application.

Why We Liked It

For durability, the Klein Tools 93LCLS laser level will not disappoint. This is because the device is durable and sturdy to withstand drops as high as 3.3 feet from the ground. Much to your surprise, this great laser level features a powerful rare-earth magnet for attachment as stated earlier. These simple features are the main reasons why we found it helpful for most indoor projects.

The plumb laser beam is bright and visible in all working conditions
Allows a multitude of laser alignment and layout applications
There are isolated cases of the battery compartment locking tab not working well

Our Verdict

The Klein Tools 93LCLS laser level bears features that no professional builder will ignore. This means anyone who understands how laser levels work will not hesitate to settle for this self-leveling, easy to read laser level.

Black & Decker DBL 190S Laser Level

1 horizontal level line
Red Laser Beam
Laser class: 2
2 AA batteries
Product Dimensions: 7.9 x 2.8 x 10.5 inches
Item Weight: 1 pounds
2-year limited warranty


BLACK & DECKER DBL 190S line laser is a simple laser level with great features. Despite its simple design and small size, it also uses the leveling interior line-laser complete with a stud sensor. To be specific, it is designed for test and measurements, including leveling.

Technical Specifications

Regardless of its size and price tag, the BLACK & DECKER DBL 190S comprises of two tools in one. These tools are the sensor stud for detecting wood, metals and live AC circuits, while the other one is leveling laser level for layout applications. Still on the two-tools-in-one, this feature plays a critical role in hanging and mounting applications. That is why it only projects horizontal laser level lines.


The BLACK & DECKER DBL 190S laser level bears a simple design for simple indoor projects. To achieve this feat, the laser level allows you to take advantage of its patented auto-leveling technology for all applications.

In other words, this laser level does not need you to adjust it when setting it up to project horizontal lines. For better readability and convenience, this tool gives you the option of using its LCD display that is easy to read and understand. Unlike most other laser level models, this one is classified as a Class III type of laser.


Even though this laser level is small in size and weighs 1 pound, it combines both the aluminum and plastic materials in its design. That is the main reason why it is lightweight, durable and resistant to dust and water.

Best Use

The BLACK & DECKER DBL 190S laser level projects only horizontal laser lines. This shows that it is designed to carry out specific applications. In this regard, you can use it when hanging picture frames or installing decorative items on the wall.

Other Important Specifications

Even though this item weighs about 1 pound, it is still a force to reckon when working on different indoor applications. This is because it has important specifications that make it be quite practical. It measures 7.9×2.8×10,5 inches and is powered by two powerful AA alkaline batteries.

Why We Liked It

We liked the BLACK & DECKER DBL 190S laser level because it is small, lightweight, affordable and compact in design. Regardless, it is a useful class III laser that uses a metric measurement system to make the work easier.

BullsEye auto-leveling technology
Levels automatically to achieve the precise BullsEye results
Stud sensor cable for detecting metal and wood studs including A/C wires
Easy to read LCD display
A two-year limited warranty
Does not work for the vertical level applications

Our Verdict

Now that this laser level is small and can only project horizontal lines, it remains a vital tool for personal use at home. If you think that it is time to purchase a simple yet functional laser level for your own projects at home, turn to the BLACK & DECKER DBL 190S laser level.

What’s a Laser Level?

As you may have guessed, a laser level is simply a tool designed to help you achieve the highest precision when you place it on a horizontal or vertical surface.

To make it more clear for you, this tool uses electric power to project either green or red beam horizontally or vertically or even both around itself. This beam directs you to level all sides equally when you place it on a flat surface.

On the other hand, if you put the laser level right at the center of your room, it will project horizontal lines on the walls. These lines will be equidistant or rather have equal length/distance from the walls and the floor where you placed your tool.

As you may have expected, this instrument has several applications such as leveling and squaring. Also, this tool is vital in construction and carpentry work where leveling is crucial.

In other words, a laser level plays a significant role in providing you with accurate levels of a given surface such as walls, floors or pathways among others. This versatile tool saves you a lot of time by allowing you to carry out as many tasks as possible.

How Do Laser Levels Work?

Laser levels have been carefully designed to be effective, efficient and easy to use. With a variety of designs on the market today, there is a style that fits anyone and any application. That explains why different models of laser levels have been designed for specific functions.

Nevertheless, every laser level comprises of two major components that make it suitable for leveling and alignment applications. The first component is the laser plus leveling base that is capable of being mounted on the wall, attached to the tripod or sit on the floor. The base plays a critical role when it comes to projecting the light (red or green beam) at a specific height.

The second component is the leveling mechanism. This part comes as a bubble vial or simply a pendulum with magnets and electronic sensors (we will discuss the differences between these mechanisms later).

Another component of great importance on a laser level is the case or closure. This is usually made of long-lasting metal or plastic for sturdy performance during the operation.

Laser levels are quite fascinating tools. They usually find “level” in many different ways much to your amazement. For instance, manual laser levels use the traditional way of determining different levels on different surfaces. This type of laser enables you to align the bubble inside the vial by simply turning the knob or repositioning the level.

From this explanation, you can tell that the manual laser levels are designed for typical DIY projects. Most importantly, these laser levels are affordable and require less power to operate compared to the self-leveling units.

For self-leveling units, you will realize that almost everything is different from the manual laser levels. To begin with, instruments in this category boast a greater degree of precision or accuracy. As a matter of fact, they work best when you place them on a close to level surface as determined by you.

Just like the manual laser levels, self-leveling units allow you to use the bubble vial in order to level them before their self-leveling mechanism perfects the whole leveling process.

One thing you need to know about this unit is that the laser component hangs more or less the same as the pendulum while inside the level. Gravity and magnets work simultaneously to keep the pendulum still while the beam is being projected through the light or prism.

Quite a number of laser levels come fully equipped with components that allow them to achieve the required levels. These components are made up of several electronic self-leveling sensors that promote accuracy as well as reliability. The sensors are usually ideal when working on the busy outdoor construction site.

When working indoors, the self-leveling mechanism inside the laser levels helps a lot in saving time and increasing reliability.

Basically, this is how the laser levels work regardless of which leveling mechanisms they are using. Lucky for you, these tools are carefully made to make your work effortless.

How To Protect The Eyes From Laser Level Damages?

The eyes are the light of the body and are also the most vulnerable organ of the body when using a laser measure or a laser level.

Using laser protective glasses is one of the best ways to protect your eyes from laser damages but how do you select the right protective eyewear?

The tips below might be able to help.

  • Know the wavelength of your laser level. Consult a Certified Laser Safety Officer if you are unable to determine the wavelength of your device.
  • Check your laser’s manual to find the recommended Optical Density or determine the level of protection you need based on your laser’s wavelength and output parameters.
  • Select the filter lens that matches the information above. Make sure you select the one that provides the highest level of visibility.
  • Look for a frame that suits you. Select a fit-over frame for prescription options.

What Can You Do With A Laser Level?

As the advancement in technology takes place over the years, laser levels get smaller, accurate, easy to use and affordable. That is the reason most construction workers use these tools to make their work easy and save time.

Today, laser levels are used in large construction projects in different parts of the world. Also, this vital tool is popular among DIYs who perform different tasks on their own.

As more and more people become familiar with this type of instrument, they tend to find new ways to use it to make their work perfect and less stressful.

Generally speaking, laser levels are important tools in layout projects. Actually, such projects require high accuracy and the only way of achieving this feat is by use of instruments that offer very high precision. And this is where laser levels come in to save the situation.

Common applications that require the use of laser levels include installation of sewer pipes, ceiling tiles and chair railings.

Some of the indoor installations/applications that require laser levels:

  1. Level floors that need a single line laser light.
  2. To keep the walls perpendicular or straight with the help of a 3-beam line laser.
  3. Useful in the installations of ceiling drops.
  4. The 2-line laser is applicable in checking window and door heights
  5. Installation of wainscoting and chair rails in your home
  6. Installation of cabinets, trims and picture frames on the wall using the tripod.
  7. Matching some points on the ceiling and floor.

When using a laser detector or rather a rotary line laser, you will find it easy to operate your laser level outdoors.

The following are some of the few most popular outdoor uses of laser levels:

  1. Ground surveying
  2. Alignment and checking of beams or posts on porches, decks, and fences
  3. Useful in the alignment of masonry
  4. In the preparation of a new layout for the construction site
  5. Checking the sight elevation to improve drainage installation
  6. Also, applicable in contour farming especially for better irrigation

Types of Best laser levels

Laser levels come in two major types; prismatic and rotary. Let’s look at each type in detail so you may know which one to use for specific applications.

  • Dot Lasers

    They are are designed to project five beams of light to help you establish a point with 90 degrees reference between the floor and ceiling.

  • Line Laser Levels

    They are capable of projecting a single beam of light at 180 degrees vertically and horizontally. This way, you can easily establish the plane on the surface you are working on.

  • Rotary Laser Levels

    This type of laser levels are only suitable for construction projects. This is because they use light-emitting diodes (LEDs) with extra larger rotational speed. Their range goes all the way to 500m.

    This feature makes rotary laser levels to have numerous advantages such as greater accuracy and scanning of surfaces of different thicknesses. That’s why rotary laser levels are more expensive than the prismatic laser levels.

    When shopping for any of these instruments, you should pay attention to their point levels of the visible rays. Most of these tools provide only a single point on any reflective surface.

  • Prismatic Laser Levels

    We start with the prismatic laser levels. These tools have their own distinctive designs that set them apart from the rest. Their design is made up of a few layers including their light which is created using a special prism.

    In simple terms, the light is emitted through the prism horizontally and vertically. As a result, the light creates two powerful beams that form a cross together. However, you can enable or disable the two light beams to suit your different needs. Even though the range of the light is small, you are rest assured that it’s perfect for any project around your house.

  • Alignment Light Beam

    You can achieve this type of alignment either manually or automatically. This alignment is important at the start of the level. Some laser levels are designed to manually align or level the bubble. Such tools are built within an enclosure. This type of alignment requires more effort and time.

  • Self-Leveling Pendulum Level:

    This comes with a set design pendulum including its weight level light-emitting diodes (LEDs) that work horizontally and vertically. These levels can turn on their off post for 30 minutes of work. At the same time, they can create up to five simultaneous beams for different places. In this case, there is minimal chance of creating errors.

  • Self-Leveling Electronic Levels

    From the users’ reviews, self-leveling electronic levels have the highest accuracy. This is because their levels of errors are minimal regardless of the distance the beam covers. Besides, their complex leveling mechanism is always ready to work immediately.

  • Inexpensive Torpedo Level

    This is suitable when working around the house. Due to their small size, you can easily carry them in your tool belt. To get the best result, the bubble must be centrally aligned with the vial. This alignment will make the level to project a laser dot or line.

  • Self-levelling Cross Line Laser

    Versatile and easy to use, the self-leveling cross-line laser is just right for you if you are working on different types of leveling or plumbing tasks.

  • Laser Level Square

    This is perfect for laying out tiles at right angles (90 degrees) corners for sheds. Laser level square projects two perpendicular lines and is suitable for both outdoor and indoor projects.

  • 3 or 5-Point Self-leveling laser

    This type of laser is designed to help you transfer certain points from the floors to the ceiling. You can place this type of laser on a tripod when marking the level line.

  • Auto-level Rotary Laser

    It is suitable for outdoor tasks or projects involving fountains and decks. This type of laser level includes an elevation, a tripod, and a laser detector to enable you to use this tool in bright sunlight.

  • Laser Intensity

    It is measured in milliwatts (simply the mW) and it is a determinant of the laser’s power.

Most laser levels use Class IIIA lasers but different levels exist.

  • Class I Laser: With this type of laser, the beam alone can cause serious damage to your eyes if you look at it using a magnifying glass. Otherwise, it doesn’t have any known radiation effects. The Class I Laser is commonly used in CD players, product scanners and laser printers.
  • Class II Laser: Just like the Class I Laser, this one is not damaging unless you observe it under magnification or when you direct it at someone else’s eyes. The Class II Laser is used in laser pointers.
  • Class IIIA Laser: This type of laser is useful in most laser levels. It is more likely to cause spot blindness or other eye injuries.
  • Class IIIB Laser: This is useful in light shows or lighting effects. This class of laser can damage your eyes or burn your skin.
  • Class IV Laser: This is applicable in burning and cutting tools. It is also harmful to your eyes, can burn your skin and cause fires as well.

    With this information at your fingertips, you need to decide what you can use the laser before choosing it. Most laser levels are equipped with Class IIIA which is less harmful compared to other classes.

Accessories that Come with a Laser Level

Most laser levels are used outside their boxes. All you need to do is to press the button. But the best laser levels come fully equipped with mounting hardware among other accessories.

For the best performance of your laser level, you need to purchase the following items:

  • Tripods: to keep your laser level stable and in one position.
  • Laser detectors: for outdoor use of your laser level. This also increases the range.
  • Leveling staff and rods: for easier leveling of the device.

How to Set Up the Laser Level?

  1. One of the things you are supposed to do first before using the laser level is to set up everything on an even/flat surface. You may need a tripod for this task.
  2. When setting up a manual laser level, ensure that its bubbles are in the middle or at the correct level. If not, just turn the screws close to the vial to get the level. Then switch on the level to make it ready for use.
  3. If it is a self-leveling laser, the setting is somehow different. Here you will take a few seconds to allow it to level on its own. A few units of self-leveling lasers emit a blinking ray of light when they get out of level. As such, you will have to adjust the whole unit, turn it on and use it.
  4. In absence of a wall where the laser beam should reflect on, you may reach out for the laser detector to search for the beam. However, check the manual to know how the laser detector signals the leveling.

How to Use Your Laser Level?

  1. Set up your laser level on the flat surface or tripod.
  2. If you are using a manual laser level, the bubble vial must show the level. Use the small screws located next to the vial and adjust them to make the vial show the level.
  3. Switch on your laser level.
  4. If you are working with the self-leveling laser level then you should give it a little more time to let self-level on its own.
  5. This unit emits laser beams that show the level on the wall or across the outdoor workspace. But this depends on the model of your laser level-it could be multiple lines, a dot or rotary laser indicating the level at 360 degrees vertically or horizontally.
  6. You may also use the laser detector to help you intercept the laser beam where there is no wall to show it.
  7. Connect the laser detector to the measuring rod.
  8. Adjust the laser receiver/detector up and down until you hear a beeping sound. The sound is meant to help you know that that the detector is in line with the laser.
  9. At this stage, you must have found the level to secure the detector to the rod. Proceed to make measurements as required.

How to Use Your Laser Level Outdoors?

  1. First, you should wear tinted glasses or goggles that come with the laser level kit. The goggles are necessary to allow you to see the laser beam while working outdoors.
  2. Place your laser level on a tripod before switching it on.
  3. Set to aim at the spot you want to determine the readings. Once you find the right spot lock the laser level into the right position.
  4. Take the laser detector to a place you want to take the readings. You may either use the magnet that comes as part of the laser level unit or place it strategically at the same level as your laser level. But a second tripod would be a better option in this case.
  5. Move the laser slowly and gently until it aligns with the laser beam from the level. After finding the beam, make sure that you lock the detector in position or make it steady if it is not on an even surface or attached by the magnet.
  6. Use the receiver and level to get the alignment in place or in a state of the level you want to achieve.

How to Use a Laser Level to Hang Pictures?

  1. Work out the right height for your picture frame.
  2. Draw a mark or spot anywhere at this predetermined height.
  3. Switch on your laser level to line up it horizontally with the mark on the wall.
  4. Make some adjustments on the laser to make the bubble sit between the vial and black lines by simply pivoting it around the point where the laser and the mark intersect.
  5. Once your laser is at the right level with the mark on the wall, attach it as soon as possible. Your level may require suction cups or putty to stay in position.
  6. Take the measurements of the distance between the top side of the picture-frame and its unique hanging mechanism.
  7. Also, measure the distance on the wall starting from the laser moving down to where the mechanism meets the wall.
  8. Make a mark.
  9. Then punch the nail right where you had placed the mark.
  10. Hang the picture frame on the nail and align it using your laser level.

How to Use a Laser Level to Level Ground?

  1. Set up the laser level on a tripod on stable ground.
  2. Turn on the laser level.
  3. Give it time to self-level.
  4. Identify a point on the ground at your desired height.
  5. Attach the laser detector to a measuring rod and place the rod at this point.
  6. Adjust the laser detector up and down. When you hear beeping, you have found level.
  7. Tighten the detector to the pole.
  8. The bottom of the rod is your desired ground height.
  9. Find another spot on the ground and find the height where the detector intercepts the laser.
  10. Mark the height by making a mark on a stick or building up a pile of dirt up to the desired height.
  11. Repeat this process until you have enough reference points to fill the area completely.

How to Set Grade with a Laser Level?

  1. Set your laser level on a strong tripod and a firm ground. Make sure that the tripod is stable.
  2. Switch on the laser level and let it self-level.
  3. Find the initial height of the grade where the pitch (of the grade) slopes down gently.
  4. Put the bottom of the leveling rod at the height of your choice.
  5. Make a few adjustments on the laser to achieve the right level.
  6. Secure the detector.
  7. Identify the correct amount of fall starting from the top of the grade moving to the bottom.
  8. Move the laser receiver up the rod (10 inches) and secure it.
  9. Take a walk to where you expect the bottom of the grade to be.
  10. Use the laser detector to find the level. In this case, you must lift the rod or just dig a little bit into the ground.
  11. At this stage, you should know that the bottom side of the leveling indicates the bottom area of the grade.
  12. Mark the spot using a stick. Insert the stick in the ground to display the expected height.

How to Using Laser Level To Install Wall Tiles?

In most homes, floor to ceiling heights differs greatly from one room to another. This implies that using the floor as your base for installing wall tiles is not a good idea. Therefore, you should strive to get the first row of tiles by considering the following steps:

  1. Identify an appropriate point on your wall (a few inches away), making sure that the distance from your wall to this point does not exceed the height of one tile.
  2. Switch on your laser level and align it horizontally as explained in step 1.
  3. Align the end of the 2-inch-wide board with the laser and fix the board on the wall using screws.
  4. Rest the tiles of the first row on top of the 2-inch-wide board to make a perfect level on the first row.
  5. Keep on putting more tiles up to achieve your right height on the wall.
  6. After all the tiles are installed, get rid of the baseboard.
  7. Then custom-cut the tiles at the bottom row to maintain consistency in their alignment.

How to Determine Floor Level?

  1. Start by laying a 4 to 6-foot beam level on the floor. Confirm the bubble located at the horizontal tube within the level is floating between the vertical lines. If you realize that the bubble is not floating between the lines, make some adjustments on the level to make the bubble float as required.
  2. Measure each of the gaps that appear between the level and the floor. If any of the gaps measures less than ⅛ of an inch, you may consider that section of the floor to be accurate. Anything larger than that space calls for drastic measures. In this case, you may pour a self-leveling mortar to level the flooring surface.
  3. Mark all the areas that are higher than ⅛ inch on the floor. Such higher areas require sanding if the floor is made of wood. For the concrete floor, you can do a little bit of grinding to level these sections.
  4. Slide the level on the floor gradually to ensure that all sections of the subfloor are all leveled.

How to Using Laser Levels To Install Ceiling Fixtures?

Ceilings and floors have similar measurements. If you’re installing ceiling fixtures you must start laying them on the floor before transferring them to the ceiling.

Here is how to go about:

  1. Mark the position of the ceiling fixtures on the floor.
  2. Place the laser level on the tripod and switch it on.
  3. Align the downward-pointing laser beam to the center-most part of the fixture (marked on the floor).
  4. Using the upward-pointing beam, mark the exact location on the floor.
  5. While on the floor, take measurements of the length from the points where the ceiling fixture is to be attached to the beam.
  6. Transfer the measurements on the floor to the ceiling.
  7. Hold up your ceiling fixture in readiness for installation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do you think laser levels are harmful to your eyes?
A: Laser levels use class II diodes. These diodes emit light that is not harmful to your naked eyes. Its beams have low power that cannot cause any damage unless you look straight into the source of the beams.

Q: Which is better, greed or red laser level?
A: One thing you need to know about laser levels is that there is no known difference in accuracy when it comes to green or red laser levels. The main difference is seen in brightness, color, price, battery life, and visibility range. Generally, green laser instruments are quite visible to your eye and have an extended range compared to red lasers. Such differences do not point out that green lasers are superior to red lasers.

Q: Which color laser is recommended when working during the daytime?
A: In daylight, the spot or dot is only visible when you direct a laser beam to a surface. The only visible wavelength or color to your eyes is 532nm green, meaning that you are only able to see green lasers under daylight conditions. Therefore, green lasers are suitable to work with where there is plenty of light or during the day.

Q: What is the difference between red and green lasers?
A: Your eyes (human eye) can see green color better than red especially when it is in the form of light. This is also the case when the green light is emitted at longer distances. When you use both types of laser colors in bright light you will experience difficulties in seeing them unless you use a laser detector.

Q: How does the self-leveling laser level work?
A: This type of laser level works on a very simple principle; first the light finds its way into the compensator located at one end before getting into mirrors or prisms (prisms or mirrors are mounted on a floating platform ). Then the light exits through other prisms and lenses.

Q: What’s a cross-line laser level?
A: This model works by projecting bright crossing vertical and horizontal lines that have an accuracy of ⅛ inch at a height of 30feet. The laser level’s full-time pulse mode lets you use this tool with a detector/receiver to maintain full brightness while extending the laser’s working range to about 165 feet.

Q: What’s the use of a cross-line laser level?
A: A cross-line laser deflects the beam at 180 degrees horizontally, vertically or both. By so doing, this line creates a steady beam that becomes easily visible when working on a surface.

Q: How often should you calibrate your laser level?
A: The first thing you need to do is to buy a laser level that comes with a pre-sale calibration along with an accuracy check. When you use them daily the unit needs to be calibrated once every six months. If you calibrate them once or twice a week, you should do it after one or two years.

Q: Should I check calibration on my own?
A: Yes, you can do it provided that you understand how laser levels work. As such, you can do it by projecting the dot or beam on a wall at approximately 5-10 meters away. Then turn the laser level by 180 degrees to check if it has aligned itself as required.


When it comes to choosing the best laser levels, everything is narrowed down to your needs. The truth of the matter is that these tools are all designed to serve similar tasks but each model differs greatly from the other.

Their differences are attributed to the technical specifications, design, materials used in the construction and other uses. All these factors will help you choose the right tool depending on what you want to use it for.

So far we have covered the best 10 laser levels in the reviews above and you can easily point out the right tool that suits your needs. Make sure that the choice of your laser level will make your work effortless and timeless.

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