17 Best Mouse/rat/mice Baits of 2024

Baiting is perhaps the most popular and effective way of managing rodent infestation. With highly palatable bait, you can lure and kill any rat or mice without shedding so much sweat. All you need is to set the poison at a target spot and wait for the pesky rodents to ingest it and die.

But how do you land the best bait? A couple of obvious ways should guide you through the whole process. You must get to know the different kinds of bait available, their modes and scope of functionality, and their level of acceptability. However, with this cheat sheet, you don’t need to worry about all these metrics. Read through to the end for a review of the most acceptable and efficient mice baits you’ll ever meet.

Best Overall: First Strike Soft Bait for Mouse Mice and Rats 

First Strike Soft Bait for Mouse Mice and Rats
Soft bait for rat and mice
Key Features
  • 10-gram pouches of soft bait
  • Second-generation anticoagulant: dimethicone
  • Weather-proof packaging
  • The unique aroma that attracts rodents
  • Comes with a bittering agent
  • Brand: Liphatec
  • Product Dimensions: 10 x 10 x 13.5 Inches
  • Product weight: 17.61 Pounds
Quick results in one feeding
Delayed death to 5 days
Easy-to-set bait stations
Highly palatable
Not available in quantities small than 16.lbs

First Strike Mouse Bait is a second-generation rodenticide that was manufactured, tried and tested by Liphatec. This product uses Difethialone, a modern, highly-lethal, and fast-acting second generation anticoagulant that kills mice, warfarin Norway Rats, and any other types of popular rodents.

The soft bait comes in a permeable package that only allows the scent to escape. This way, it is highly effective for swampy or hot regions and both indoors and outdoors environments.

First Strike mouse poison is the most preferable choice for excavators. Due to its high-acceptance, it comes in handy when depopulating areas with multiple food sources for rats and mice. Unlike most poisons, First Strike Bait contains no wax, hence making it both palatable and attractive to mice.

Additionally, the poison comes with a tamper-free bait station that protects against moisture and dust. The station also provides a secure place where rodents can feed on the bait without feeling insecure.

Best Value: Farnam Just One Bite 11 1.5 Ounce Pellet Packs Rats and House Mice Bait

Farnam Just One Bite 11 1.5 Ounce Pellet Packs Rats and House Mice Bait
Bait for mouse, rats, roof rats and house mice
Key Features
  • Kills in only a single night’s feeding
  • Death can delay for up to 5 days
  • Kills warfarin resistant Norway rats
  • Brand: Farnam
  • Product dimensions: 19 x 16 x 10 inches
  • Product weight: 9.5 Pounds
Highly versatile
No bait shyness
Easy to apply
Suitable for use under room temperature
Product may not ship to certain countries

If you are looking for bait with an excellent track record on killing mice with just one bite, then Farnam ounce pellets get you covered. This bait consists actively of Bromadiolone, a rodenticide that clots the blood out of the mice’s systems for slow deaths.

Sometimes, mice may see their fellows dying from eating the bait. If you do not remove the food fast enough, the remaining rodents can shy away and stop eating the bait. This is not the case with Farnam Pellets. This product can delay the death of any mouse for up to 5 days. This way, the rodents can have ample time eating the pellets, before dying as a group.

Farnam pellets are the best seller product in the rat and mice baits category. So you can be sure to buy an outstanding product from a company with a good reputation. Also, it is easy to sprinkle the pellets across the mice runways.

You only need to place at least 3 to 10 packs at intervals of 15 to 30 feet across the infested areas and wait for the rodents to die.

Best Pick: 18 LB Contrac Blox Rodenticide Mouse Bait

18 LB Contrac Blox Rodenticide Mouse Bait
Bait for mouse mice and rats
Key Features
  • A single feed bait
  • Has bromadiolone as an active ingredient
  • Colored blue for easy-recognition
  • Contains small amount of Paraffin
  • Brand: Spyderco
  • Brand: Bell stores
  • Product dimensions: 12.35 x 13.5 x 11.35 inches
  • Product weight: 18 Pound
Highly palatable
Less-toxic to non-target
Easy-to-slip in tight places
Product not available in small quantities

The 18 LB Contrac Blox is a highly effective rodenticide that works perfectly in both residential and agricultural areas. This rodenticide is a mix of aromatic food blend, paraffin, and bromadiolone. It kills both the wild mice, and the warfarin Norway rats, in only a single bite.

If you need a poison that will last you the whole month without replacing it, then here it is. The 18LB Contrac Blox works perfectly for a duration ranging between 40 to 60 days for a single application. It also causes negligible effects on non-targets such as cats and dogs.

For more safety, the poison comes with an antidote, Vitamin K1, which helps to manage any secondary infection. So you don’t need to worry about your child or pet getting poisoned from ingesting the bait.

Well, since this is a standard bait, it suits you best to maintain the hygiene around areas of application. Be sure to check it frequently for signs of dead mice as the poison kills in large numbers.

Neogen 116300 Fish Flavored Rodenticide Mouse/Rat/Mice/Vole Bait

Neogen 116300 Fish Flavored Rodenticide Mouse/Rat/Mice/Vole Bait
Bait for mouse, Rats, Mice and Meadow Voles
Key Features
  • Contains Diphacinone as active ingredient
  • Green pellets
  • Fish flavored
  • Manual power source
  • Brand: Neogen
  • Product Dimensions: 13. X 13.8 x 14.88 inches
  • Weight: 20 pounds
Highly palatable
Suited for damp surfaces
Easy to use
Kills in up to 5 days
Single feed
Some rodents may develop resistance to Diphacinone

Are you in need of a mouse poison that you can use on swamps or damp areas? If yes, then Neogen 116300 has you covered. This product features lethal food quality grains that can kill mice in about 4-5 days. It is handy for both indoor and outdoor poisoning.

Neogen 116300 comes in the form of nuggets, bars and minibars. It offers fast and efficient results when trying to get to rodents in attics, narrow corridors, cracks, crevices, basements, and even the garage areas. When dealing with roof rodents, all you need is to simply tie and hang one bar to the roof.

Diphacinone—the first-generation anticoagulant in this product is broad in spectrum. Other than mice, it also kills all types of rats and Meadow Voles. In a nugget form, the anticoagulant retains its effectiveness for weeks hence minimizing the need for replacement. Diphacinone also causes negligible effects on pets such as dogs when ingested.

Neogen Havoc Mice Poison Mouse Bait

Neogen Havoc Mice Poison Mouse Bait
Bait for mouse, rats and mice
Key Features
  • Second-generation anticoagulant
  • Non-target deterrent
  • Available in pellets, blocks, and meal baits
  • Come in multiple sizes
  • Brand: Neogen
  • Product dimensions: 21.25 x 10 x 19.5 inches
  • Product weight: 9.25 pounds
Highly palatable
Kills both mice and rats
Easy to apply anywhere
Kills in a single feed
Product may not ship to some countries

Neogen Havoc is a specially formulated rat and mice poison that uses a stronger, second-generation anticoagulant called Brodifacoum as its active ingredient. For high-end efficacy, the product mixes Brodifacoum with other bait ingredients that mice love through a patented food processing technique.

Just like many other products by Neogen, this poison kills in large numbers. It has the potential of delaying the rodents’ death by up to five days. In case you are dealing with a high infestation, you can count on this poison to wipe out any marauding rodent.

When it comes to the mode of application, Neogen Havoc makes it even simpler. The product comes in pellets and small baits that you can chip in cracks, crevices, and small holes that the rodents use to get inside your house. For large agricultural farms, the Neogen Havoc Blocks are handy as they are large enough to fit into trenches and any other open field.

This lethal second-generation poison kills all types of rats and mice. You can use it even in places with competing sources of food.

Motomco Jaguar Mice Rat and Mouse Bait

Motomco Jaguar Mice Rat and Mouse Bait
Bait for Mouse, rats and mice
Key Features
  • Active ingredients: Brodifacoum
  • Bait color: red
  • Kills in 4-5 days
  • Each chunk weighs 20 pounds
  • Brand: Motomco
  • Product dimensions: 10 x 10 x 10 inches
  • Product weight: 9 Pounds
Mold and moisture resistant
Wipes tough infestation in a single-feed
Highly palatable
Available in various pellet sizes
Only applies around agricultural buildings

Are you in an urgent need to wipe a tough infestation off your place? Well, Motomco Jaguar is specially formulated for that. This all-weather bait chunx kills the high-resistant warfarin Norway rats and any type of mouse in just a single-feeding.

The jaguar baits come in 4 main sizes; 9lb bucket chunx, 18 lb. bucket chunx, 6 lb. place packs buckets, and 16 lb. bucket of soft packs. For small rooms, the 9lb bucket chunx is preferable. Conversely, in case you intend to rid many rooms, you may need to pack the 16 or 18lb. packs for increased efficiency.

Motomco Jaguar bait’s application doesn’t end there. This product is also a top choice when dealing with swine. It has high acceptance rates due to its attractive and nicely smelling food-grade ingredients that come with it. On the downside, it can affect children and other non-target animals. That is why it is advisable to use it only in indoor agricultural buildings with high-level rodent infestations.

Neogen Havoc XT Rat house mice and Mouse Bait

Neogen Havoc XT Rat house mice and Mouse Bait
Bait for mouse rats and house mice
Key Features
  • Main ingredient: Brodifacoum
  • Comes in approximately 182 blocks
  • Comes in a resealable bag
  • Kills in a single-night feeding
  • Ideal for Warfarin Resistant Norway rats
  • Brand: Neogen
  • Product dimension: 15 x 15 x 15 inches
  • Product weight: 8 pound
Highly palatable
Highly lethal
Works in any agricultural environment
Not pricey
Applies only in agricultural buildings and fields

Neogen Havoc XT is one of the most powerful rodenticides that are available on the market. This bait comes with a second-generation Brodifacoum poison as its main ingredient. It is handy when riding your place of any type of rat, including the warfarin resistant variants and mice.

Neogen based their invention on scalability while manufacturing this product. The XT block comes in only eight pounds of weight. It suits your needs when looking forward to landing small quantity bait that does not cost fortunes.

The fact that XT block features other highly-attractive ingredients that are food-grade and patented makes it a good option for places where other competitive food products are available.

When using the baits to kill mice, the spacing for your XT blocks should be 8-12 ft apart. For high efficiency, maintain an uninterrupted supply of the bait for 15 days until signs of mice activity across the areas of infestation cease.

Otherwise, due to its lethality, some states do not permit the use of this product. It is only wise to check with the related authorities before initiating the shipment process.

JT Eaton 716-S Mouse Mice and Rat Bait

JT Eaton 716-S Mouse Mice and Rat Bait
Soft pest bait for mouse, rats and mice
Key Features
  • Main anticoagulant agent: Bromadiolone
  • Each bucket has about 674 packets
  • Oil scented and moist compounds
  • Contains Bittrex
  • Brand: JT Eaton
  • Product dimension: 15 x 9.5 x 10.5 inches
  • Product weight: 16 pound
Highly palatable
Suitable for moist environment
Easy to set in a bait station
Protection for non-targets
Do not ship to all states

Sometimes, rodents can avoid your bait. The bait may be so dry for mice to ingest, or simply unattractive. Well, if that is the case, then you need to opt for JT Eaton 716-S rat and mouse poison.

This product features an oil-scented composite with a moist texture that works perfectly in both swampy and dry areas. It contains food-grade ingredients that are appetizing to rodents, making it highly-acceptable even in places with aromatic food baits.

Additionally, the product comes with Bittrex, a chemical that discourages children from ingesting the bait. Made of .005% Bromadiolone, it takes only 3-5 days for it to kill under lethal dosage.

This specific product comes in a tamper-free pail that weighs about 16lb and carries about 725 pieces of pellets. For additional safety, the pellets are arranged in small pouches, each weighing about 38 ounces (10 grams). Otherwise, you cannot order for a single pouch since the pail is sealed to prevent poisoning when shipping.

TakeDown Soft Mouse Rats and Mice Bait

TakeDown Soft Mouse Rats and Mice Bait
Soft bait for mouse, rats and mice
Key Features
  • Active ingredient: Bromethalin
  • Non-wax formula
  • Comes in resealable bags
  • Fits into a bait station
  • Brand: Liphatec
  • Product dimension: 15 x 9.5 x 10.5 Inches
  • Product weight: 4 Pounds
The soft bait is easy to secure on bait stations
Do not melt under high temperatures
More attractive and palatable to rodents
Faster results compared to coagulants
Highly efficient packaging
Follow safety application procedure as it may expose you to some chemicals

Rodenticide manufacturing companies are working around the clock to come up with sustainable ways of killing rodents without affecting non-targets. Recently, Liphatec Company manufactured an acute, non-anticoagulant neurotoxin called Bromethalin to kill rodents that are resistant to coagulants. TakeDown Soft Mouse and Rats bait is the only poison so far that uses this new chemical.

Under lethal dose, TakeDown Soft kills in about 2-3 days. The poison is more effective and palatable compared to most variants in the market. The fact that it does not melt under high temperature makes it an ideal option when looking for highly palatable poison for any type of mice.

TakeDown soft is a non-wax formula. The baits come in uniquely packaged resealable bags that allow the attractive scent of the soft bait to diffuse and entice roof rats, Norway Rats, and mice to feed on it. In every 4-pound bag, you will get 227 pouches containing soft baits. For heavy infestation, you may need to buy a case full of bait. Each case carries all of the 4 bags.

Neogen Havoc 40-pack Rodenticide Rat Mice and Mouse Bait

Neogen Havoc 40-pack Rodenticide Rat Mice and Mouse Bait
Bait for mouse Norway rats, roof rats and house mice
Key Features
  • 50 grams of pellets for each pack
  • Active ingredient: Brodifacoum
  • Comes in a bucket with 40 packs
  • Soft baits in the form of green pellets
  • Brand: Neogen
  • Product dimension:12 x 12 x 14 inches
  • Product weight: 10 pounds
Highly palatable
Comes with a deterrent agent for non-targets
Seeds and food grains for a variety of textures
Mice can chew through the packages
For agricultural buildings only

Do you need mice bait that you can successfully use in a transport vehicle? Neogen Havoc-40 pack is the ideal bait to use for most commuters. This bait comes in 40-small packages full of pellets and grains. All you need is to pick one package, place it in the vehicle, and rest it for five to ten days.

This product is effective for killing warfarin-resistant Norway rats, roof rats, and mice. It is an all-weather bait that you can use under both extremely hot and cold conditions, making it ideal for tough infestations.

Neogen 40-packs is formulated with 0.005% brodifacoum, making it a stronger second-generation mice poison. Target rodents can consume a lethal dose in one night’s feeding.

Unlike most second-generation poisons, this mice bait contains Bittrex as a non-target deterrent. It causes a mild effect on pets and children.

For mice, apply -1 bait pack per placement at a spacing of 8-12 apart. You may need two packs for high infestation points. Be sure to maintain uninterrupted supply for about 15 days, and you will notice the mice activity cease automatically.

JT Eaton 754 Top Gun Bait for Rats and Mice

JT Eaton 754 Top Gun Bait for Rats and Mice
Bait for mouse rats and mice
Key Features
  • Active ingredient: Bromethalin
  • A neurological poison
  • Comes with 128 packs weighing half ounce
  • All-weathered pellets
  • Brand: JT Eaton
  • Product dimension:14 x 14 x 14 inches
  • Product weight: 4 pounds
Highly palatable
Can apply to federally inspected food plants
Comes in resealable bags
May not ship to all states

The second in the list of mice baits that use Bromethalin to kill rodents is the JT Eaton 754 Top Gun poison for rats and mice. This bait is effective when you want to kill rodents in just two days while at the same time reducing risks of secondary poisoning.

However, unlike most variants in the market, this product comes with a stop-feeding feature. This mechanism prevents target rodents from continuing feeding on the pellets once they have attained a lethal dose. In regards, you can conserve the remaining poison for another day’s application.

JT Eaton Top Gun also contains Bittrex, a bitter and harsh chemical that discourages children from feeding on the bait. Otherwise, it is advisable to keep the bait out of reach of any non-target for added safety.

For mice, place the mouse packs at about 15 and 50 feet apart. For areas with heavy infestations, move the packs closer for added efficiency. You can use bait stations to keep the pellets in the pack secure enough. You can replenish the bait after about 7 to 10 days until signs for mice activities cease.

MOTOMCO 008-32345 Tomcat Mouse and Rat Bait

MOTOMCO 008-32345 Tomcat Mouse and Rat Bait
Bait for mouse Norway rats roof rats and house mice
Key Features
  • Multiple feeds
  • Active ingredient: Diphacinone
  • Available in bulk pellets for burrowing
  • Applies both indoor and outdoor
  • Brand: MOTOMCO
  • Product dimension: 1 x 1 x 1 inches
  • Product weight: 9.97 pounds
More effective at keeping away the dead rodents
The pail full of pellets lasts longer
Tightly sealed pail maintains freshness
Can be harmful to non-targets

Bulky pellets are becoming popular in the rodenticide industry due to a cocktail of reasons. They sit well in trenches and are malleable enough to fit into curves. Depending on the moisture level, you can break a bulky pellet into pieces and tuck them in small places in crevices, cracks, behind the drawers, and a lot more.

MOTOMCO 008-32345 is one particular bait that comes as pellets that are pressed together using wax as a filling agent. For high acceptance, the wax is scented, usually with staple rodent foods such as peanut butter to lure the pesky pests.

Mixed in the food-grade supplements and wax is the Diphacinone, a first-grade rodenticide that kills mouse rats and other types of rats. Diphacinone works well even without the food-grade flavors.

Well, in the process of anticoagulation, Diphacinone makes target rodents water-thirsty. Once they have had enough of the poison, they are most likely to move away looking for water. This way, you can be sure to deal with heavy infestation without the need to clean dead mice as they will move and die away from the baiting scene.

MOTOMCO Tomcat 3-Ounce, 22 Count Pail Rat and Mouse Bait

MOTOMCO Tomcat 3-Ounce, 22 Count Pail Rat and Mouse Bait
Bait for mouse Norway rats roof rats and house mice
Key Features
  • Active ingredient: Diphacinone
  • Kills target in 4-6 days
  • Tougher than a barnyard cat
  • Human food-grade ingredients and enhancers
  • 3-ounce size
  • Brand: MOTOMCO
  • Product dimension: 10 x 10 x 10 inches
  • Product weight: 4.5 pounds
All-weather use
The product delivers the intended results
Not available in smaller quantities

Shop with confidence by buying the MOTOMCO Tomcat poison for your domestic and agricultural rodent baiting needs. Sealed in a 4.5 pounds pail, this product comes with fast-acting pellets that kill mice, warfarin resistant Norway rat, and the roof rat in just 4-5 days.

Very similar to MOTOMCO Tomcat 008-32345, this product also comes with Diphacinone as its active ingredient. The anti-coagulant provides a lethal dose in one night’s feeding. This means you can be sure to minimize the amount of poison used per single-feed.

In case the pesky pests have invaded your store or agricultural field, all you need is to set the pellet inside furrows. This product contains human-grade flavoring ingredients that can attract mice wherever they are. It also comes in a bar pellet that you can hang near the attics, or rooftops to attract rodents up your store or house.

However, we recommend being keen enough when using this poison as it does not have any deterrent agent for non-targets. Use out of reach of children and pets to avoid secondary poisoning.

JT Eaton 166004-709 Bait Block for Mouse Mice and Rat 

JT Eaton 166004-709 Bait Block for Mouse Mice and Rat
Peanut butter bait for mouse, rats and mice
Key Features
  • Contains Diphacinone as Active ingredient
  • Kills in 4-7 days
  • Comes in 144 blocks, each weighing 1 oz.
  • Multiple feed
  • Tamper-evident resealable pail
  • Brand: JT Eaton
  • Product dimension: 11 x 11 x 10 inches
  • Product weight: 9.5 pounds
Easy to apply
Highly palatable
Can fit in the standard truck tool box
Brightly colored to prevent non-targets from confusing with food
You cannot buy smaller quantity than what is in the pail

Are you looking forward to adding a new aroma to your bait station? JT Eaton 166004-709 comes with peanut-flavored ingredients that are not only attractive but highly palatable. This product contains Diphacinone, a first-generation anticoagulant that lures and kills mice in about 4-7 days.

Coming in a pail that weighs 9 pounds, this product fits a wide range of spots. You can use it to depopulate mice in homes, industrial areas, commercial buildings, food processing facilities, agricultural sites, transport vehicles, trash cans and sites, and a lot more. For excellent outcomes, make sure to clear competitive foods out of the baiting spot and fence the bait station for security.

Otherwise, in each pail, you will find 144 of 1 oz blocks. Formerly, this product came with 72 of 2 oz blocks. The manufacturer company updated the size of the blocks to make them fit easily into any bait station or spot. Also, this product doesn’t contain any deterrent agent for secondary infection. That is why it is recommended to secure the place of baiting for safety.

Tomcat Bait Chunx Pail Mouse Bait

Tomcat Bait Chunx Pail Mouse Bait
Bait for mouse, Norway rats, roof rats, and house mice
Key Features
  • Active ingredient: Bromethalin
  • Multiple feed
  • Kills in 2-4 days
  • Come in green color
  • Brand: MOTOMCO
  • Product dimension: 7.75 x 8.25 x 7.75 inches
  • Product weight: 4. 25 Pounds
Fast-acting second-generation agent
Ideal for both indoor and outdoor baiting
Highly palatable
Not allowed for home use in some states

The third in the list of rodenticides that use Bromethalin to conveniently deal with both rats and mice is the Tomcat Bait Chunx. This product works by allowing rodents to feed on the chunx repeatedly until they attain lethal doses. Once intoxicated, the opportunistic feeders will stop feeding. This way, you can control their population using less quantity of chunx.

This product kills Norway rats, roof rats, and house mice by allowing the opportunistic feeders to gnaw the bait repeatedly. Signs of dead rodents always start to manifest between 2-4 days under heavy infestations.

The chunx come in multiple edges that make them appealing to rodents. They are a mix of food-grade ingredients and small paraffin hence highly palatable. With only one block, you can kill up to 12 mice on average.

On the downside, bromethalin as an acute potent toxicant has adverse effects on humans and home pets. Due to its quick knockdown, the second-generation rodenticide can easily lead to the death of your child by intercepting the energy flow across the body nerves. Always follow the recommended application guide to stay safe.

Tomcat All-weather Bait Chunx

Tomcat All-weather Bait Chunx
Bait for mouse, rats and mice
Key Features
  • Active ingredient: Diphacinone
  • Bait color: Green
  • Kills in 4-6 days
  • Comes in 4lb pail
  • Brand: MOTOMCO
  • Product dimension: 10 x 10 x 10 inches
  • Product weight: 4 pounds
Applies both indoor and outdoor
Moisture and mold resistant
Chunx come with gnawing edges that mice love
Highly palatable
May not be ideal option for heavy infestation

Tomcat All-weather Bait chunx is worth a dime when looking for slow-acting bait that comes in affordable quantity. This product combines Diphacinone and food-grade flavors to lure and kill Warfarin resistant rats, roof rats, and mice in 4 to 6 days.

Tomcat bait chunx can maintain their potency for weeks. They are non-waxed, making the chunx ideal for both moisture and dry conditions. If you have a problem with baits that lose flavors over time, then this is your best substitute poison.

This Motomco’s unique bait has a proven record of effectiveness. It has been a popular choice among farmers and homeowners for decades. The chunx comes with multiple edges that make them easy to gnaw by rodents. They also have holes at the center where you can stick a rod, nail or wire in case you intend to hang the chunx for roof baiting.

Tomcat All-weather is ideal for slight to moderate infestation. It can be used for a variety of baiting situations, from indoor environments, the garage, store, vehicles, to agricultural fields.

Best Budget: Tomcat Mouse Killer Refillable Station Bait

Tomcat Mouse Killer Refillable Station Bait
Bait for mouse, rats and mice
Key Features
  • 1 bait station
  • 16 bait blocks
  • All-weather
  • Can use any type of block
  • Brand: Tomcat
  • Product dimension: 8.75 x 10.5 x 4 Inches
  • Product weight: 1.44 ounces
Protects from both moisture and dust
Provide a secure place for target rodents to feed
Comes in an already-built and easy-to-set body
Highly versatile
Prolong use can cause accumulation of toxins around the specific spot

The last in our review is a mouse killer station that you can use to refill and secure bait for safety. Made by Tomcat, this station comes with a tamper-proof body that keeps non-targets such as kids, dogs, and cats at bay. In regards, it guards against secondary intoxication.

Before the official release to the market, this killer and refilling station was laboratory tested for efficacy. So you can be sure to land a product that guarantees the highest level of security and overall value for money.

Each bait in the station has the potential of killing up to 12-mice. Additionally, the blocks that are in the stations work perfectly under different weather conditions. You can set the station anywhere, inside your building, in the garage or store, or in an open agricultural field.

At the top of the station is a transparent lid. Once it is set, you can see through the lid for any target mice that have succumbed to intoxication. This process makes it easy to maintain hygiene in and around the baiting spot and ensure high-level acceptability.

12 effective mouse baits

Mice are not good roommates. As cute or adorable these creatures may look, the reality is, they can transfer diseases such as Hantavirus, Salmonellosis, and Listeria. With a major infestation at your place of work or residence, you run the risk of catching any of the diseases. Unfortunately, these pesky pests multiply very fast. If you delay investing in good bait today, it may come as a surprise to realize that the creatures have multiplied beyond control.

Your choice of bait importantly depends on how and where you intend to use the trap. With tons of options to consider, the process of landing the best bait for a mouse can be daunting. To help you with easier choosing, we’ve detailed a comprehensive buyer’s guide that includes 12 baits that actually work. You can try any option from the list for a successful catch.

1. Peanut Butter

Peanut Butter is a perfect mix of sugar and high-calorie fat that tastes and smells nice to mice. The small pests incredibly love it and can smell it from far. Also, since it is sticky, it takes the mice a notable amount of time to enjoy the delicacy. They won’t simply have bites and escape. For these reasons, peanut butter should top the list of your food baits for mice.

2. Bird Seed

Birdseed makes mice extremely jubilant and visible. The rodents also have incredible tastes for carbs and vitamins in birdseed. Due to the seeds’ unique aroma, mice can smell them from far and run to prey on them.

Sprinkle some seeds on the paths that the mice use frequently. Form a trail that leads to the trap. Finally, spread some seeds on the trap. The pesky pests will follow the trail (often in numbers) and head straight to the trap.

3. Pumpkin Seeds and Sunflower

Pumpkin and sunflower seeds are the little powerhouses of nutrients that are preferable by mice for a range of health benefits. The two types of seeds contain fatty acids and vitamins, and some other nutrients that give them a delicious aroma that rodents love. Sprinkle the seeds on a trap and wait for the opportunistic feeders to appear and nibble on them.

4. Chocolate

Mice love chocolates, especially milk chocolate. The treat contains butter, vanilla flavor, and sugar that form an excellent smell for rodents. Also, cacao butter in white chocolate is slightly intoxicating, especially to small mice.

For fast and efficient results, place a fresh bar of milk chocolate on a trap. This way, the mice will have no option other than spending up to 100 seconds trying to lick the bar. That timeframe is enough for your snap trap or any other mouse trap to take effect.

5. Breakfast cereals

Cereals such as grain oats, bran, and wheat are perfect blends of sugar, fibers, and vital vitamins that mice prefer. You can add treats such as biscuits to the cereals for increased flavor and aroma.

6. Dog and Cat Food

Like felines, mice are omnivorous. The rodents feed on most types of foods with fats and proteins. Dog and cat food are appetizing to mice and also beneficial to the rodents. For the best result, use wet dog or cat food as they are soft, appetizing, with a stronger aroma.

7. Jelly Beans

Jelly beans feature a mix of banana, lemon, and blueberry flavors that are attractive to mice. They are also nutritious. Add sticky crumbs of chocolate or candy to the beans to prevent them from rolling off the trap.

8. Cookies

Cookies fall in the bracket of sweet fatty and high caloric treats that are desirable to rodents. Mice take their time to keenly munch on these high carbs. For baiting, make sure to choose cookies with low levels of preservatives as they can be poisonous and avoidable to mice.

Make the cookies attractive to the tiny rodents by breaking them into crumbs. The mice will think about sneaking into the trap and stealing a crumb or two. This way, you can easily track and catch them.

9. Deli Meats

Flavored deli meats with spices and sugar come with a delicious aroma that mice love. Their juicy proteinous elements are also nutritious to mice. Make sure to use fresh deli meats that do not spoil at room temperature.

10. Crackers with butter

Mice love carbs, butter, and crackers are no exemption. Cut the crackers into pieces and smear butter over them. The bait will automatically tempt mice into the trap for a successful catch.

11. Bacon

Bacon is a high protein treat. Mice crave it for its mouthwatering aroma and flavor. Whether cooked or uncooked, placing bacon at the mice’s path is a sure way to lure and capture the little rodents.

Bacon has only one downside. It spoils faster than any other type of bait. When left for long on the trap, bacon smells awful, pretty much like a dead rat. Be sure to replace the bait after every 2 days. Also, mice nibble big chunks. Make sure to chop the bacon into tiny pieces before placing it over the trap. For a smellier treat, you can fry the pieces of bacon.

12. Smelly Soft Cheese

Cheese is a last resort food for mice. This treat is low in carbs hence not a preferred food among various types of rodents. Its nutritional value is also way below what mice look for in most foods. However, a smelly cheese significantly attracts the opportunistic feeders. You can use a slice of smelly cheese as a lure to a mousetrap or surfaces with glue.

The Myth about Mice and Cheese

You often see cartoons with mice nibbling on a chunk of cheese in your child’s favorite TV show. The reality is, not all types of cheese attract mice. These highly-intelligent rodents will only nibble on a block of cheese when there is nothing left at their disposal. Meaning, your regular cheese bait may not guarantee any catch unless the mice are extremely hungry. Otherwise, the soft smelly cheese is handy when you use it as a lure due to its stronger aroma.

Baits that are aren’t food

Though food is the go-to bait for most homeowners, it is not the only option. You can use mice’s nesting materials to lure and capture the small rodents.

Female mice usually roam around the rooms searching for materials they can use to build a complex nest. Often, you may wake up to shredded pieces of paper, or cotton fibers scattered in your place. Female mice carry these materials and use them to build nests in the form of cotton squares or rolls. Some other nesting materials that you can use to lure mice include:
Tissue paper

How to set a mousetrap

How can you set the trap safely and securely, without hurting yourself? Well, this is the only process that can either make or break your mouse trapping session.

Mousetraps come in various types, with each having different set-up steps. Some traps such as the snap traps can easily chop your fingers if you don’t take proper precautionary measures during the set-up process. Electronic traps, on the other hand, rely on an electric current that electrocutes and kills the mice instantly. You can operate the electric variants safely by just a push-on-the-button.

Setting a snap trap

1. Remove the packaging

If you are using a new snap trap, then you must remove the packaging first. Then hold and take off the staple that usually holds the snap wire to the woodblock.

2. Add your most preferred bait

Your bait should stick to the trigger and not sit on it. This way, the mouse will have a hard time pulling or eating it hence increasing the chances of successful snaps. When using peanut butter, make sure to make it stick to the trigger so that it doesn’t fall off. A small butter, when placed at the farthest end of the trigger will incredibly increase your chances of catching the rodent.

3. Set the mousetrap

Carefully pull the snap wire and position the lock bar on top of it. Hold the end of the lock bar with your finger and lodge it under the hook. This hook is right on the trigger. Slowly release the snap wire and let the wire press upward on the lock bar. The lock bar will automatically press upward on the trigger. See the baited end of the trigger lifting itself thereby locking the mousetrap. The whole trip is now set for anything.

4. Place the trap on a strategic location

Hold the mousetrap safely and place it against the wall. When using the “Victor” Snap trap, always make sure to carry it by the end where the letter V lies.

Setting an electronic Trap

  1. Place the electric trap against the wall at your most preferred spot
  2. Place the bait over the electric trap
  3. Use the button on the device to power it ON

As simple as that: and you are through.

Setting a Live Trap

Live traps come in various designs. These traps are your best bet when looking for an easy way to catch a mouse without necessarily killing it.

Most live traps are cages that hold and secure any mouse that tries to eat a bait—normally placed inside the trap. Once trapped, the catch will spend all its time there until when you decide to remove it. This is why it is best that you check on the trap frequently to prevent the mouse from starving to death.

Handy tips for maintaining your bait trap

Setting the trap

Paths for mice are always located near the wall. When setting the trap, place it as closer to the wall as possible. This way, it can catch the mice even after they have eaten the bait. Also, mice use the same paths regularly. The creatures are intelligent enough to master their way around and any object across their runways.

When setting the trap, block the route partially using objects such as stones or wooden blocks. Then, place the trap strategically in the remaining space. This way, the mice will have no other option other than stepping and passing over the trap.

Alternatively, you can place your trap at one side of the route, leaving a gap that the pests can use as an “alternative route”. Finally, place cardboard with glue on the gap. Any mouse that tries to escape the trap will automatically find itself glued.

Human odor can cost you a catch

Mouse smells any type of food before eating it. If you handle the trap or bait with bare hands, a mouse can smell the pheromones from the sweat of your palm and avoid eating from it. To be safe, wear gloves to minimize the chances of your hand contacting either the bait or the trap.

Use more than bait

When it comes to mouse trapping, the number of successful catches is subject to probability. The more number of bait traps you set, the more number of catches you can record in a specific day.

Inspect your premise carefully and identify the areas with the highest mouse activity. Rodent signs such as fecal pellets, gnawing damage, burrows, grease marks, urine stains, and runways are a few significant signs to consider. Once done, set different bait traps on different spots across those areas.

 Keep the bait fresh

Fresh bait is the best lure for mice since it has the strongest smell. If you are using smelly cheese, make sure to replace it often to maintain its smell. Streaky bacon or marshmallow can also spoil, hence resulting in a stink. For sustainability, make sure to keep a timetable for tracking when to replace your bait.

Your Hygiene Matters

Snap traps kill successful catches instantly. Be sure to check them often to avoid resting a dead mouse for hours until it starts to stink.

Wear intact rubber or a plastic glove when removing the dead mouse off the trap. This safety measure also applies when disinfecting items contaminated by the mice. Place the sealed bag into a second plastic bag and dispose of in a trash container with a tight-fitting lid.

Patience pays

A few things scare a mouse like a strange object across its path. Until the pesky animal familiarizes with the object, it will not attempt to cross or step over it. It doesn’t hurt to place an empty trap across the mouse’s path. Then, introduce bait on the trap after a few hours or a day. With this method, you can rest assured that the mouse has accustomed to the new object and is ready to eat from it.

Outsmarted by a mouse 

Mice are very intelligent. They can smell any danger or life-threatening risks and avoid them. Sometimes, they manage to eat or even steal the bait from a trap without getting caught. For example, a mouse can steal the bait from your snap trap without triggering it. In such a case, you will need to unsnap the trap and replace the bait.

Also, a mouse may sniff your bait and fail to nibble or eat it. In case your trap does not catch any mouse, replacing the bait with another can get you covered.